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We’re nearly all on it, but I’m not sure why- this place where we “accept” people we don’t know- and never will know as after the “acceptance” period nothing ever happens while there is then the riveting news that someone has viewed your profile whereas old friends “endorse” you for various skills you don’t even knew you had.

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Yes, LinkedIn is pretty baffling or, perhaps, I am not understanding how it works as it was an ex who had me join, and then we broke up without her giving me my password.

Now I have someone managing my account, and finally knowing my password, I trawled through LinkedIn early this morning in a moment of wild abandon and what struck me was how many names I had heard of and people I once knew are, well, still alive.

That was a huge revelation whereas what they do today whizzed past me in a blur.

What could these people do for me, what can I do for them, I don’t know as those days of doing favours and shooting the shit and handing out free ideas AND picking up the tab for drinks, dinners and lunches are long gone.

LinkedIn 3

And so I sit here and think- but not over-taxing myself for answers- that I am “linked” and I can join discussion groups and “discuss” anything until the cows come home, but what’s in it for me?

I refuse to be on Facebook, I like twitter, I don’t understand Instagram or the point of selfies, and I’ve found myself on LinkedIn wondering what I’m doing here.

It’s strange out here, man.

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