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It was going from one headache to an even bigger headache.

Having come down with a dodgy tummy that had me disoriented and barely able to stand up for five minutes without aliens attacking me, forcing me lie to lie down and allowing the Body Snatchers to invade my being, most of Saturday was spent in bed with the television on as I tried to fight off the lurgies.

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Worse, not having the strength nor the mental power to reach for my remote and switch the thing off, the E! channel stayed on the television for what seemed like decades.

If the US needs something to break down the Taliban, this is it- non-stop viewing of THE most mindless, soul-destroying, vapid, annoying, flatulent- well, you get the drift- mental waterboarding torture disguised as puerile “entertainment”.

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For hours, I was prisoner to nauseating repeats of “Living With The Kardashians”- hours of whiny voices and Fatty Boombas going on and on and on about how all their money still leaves them with such huge problems as whether one of their men- not a black basketball player- should be allowed to land his helicopter in the garden of their new 13,000 square foot house, how Kim needs milk from her pregnant sister Kourtney’s nipples rubbed on her legs to get rid of some splotches, Kim and Kris in Vienna and coming face to face with a man in black face, Kim writing a blog on racism etc ad nauseum.

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It was relentless whiny Kardashians- the KKK were recently in Thailand? Poor country- that even included many repeats of an E! Special on how the world first came to be given this family as an example of how talent no longer matters.

There were also many reruns of Halle Berry from years back and her “bootylicious” bikini and body plus a never-ending series of repeats of repeats with absolutely no redeeming qualities.

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Whoever runs this channel in Asia outta Singapore has one damn easy gig as it’s all a blur of mindless repeats of reality shows like the truly awful “Jerseylicious”- who knew?- and E! Entertainment updates of truly mega world importance like Selena’s new tat, someone I’ve never heard of and their new baby bump, someone else eating her own placenta, and the nauseatingly icky adventures of Guiliana and Bill- Bill being the first winner from The Apprentice who has morphed into yet another boring, one-dimensional E! reality star.

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2012 Do Something Awards - Arrivals

If you ever wish to see why many in the US are geographically-challenged, have their life priorities so very wrong, and why its entertainment world is reduced to appeal to the lowest common denominator, look no further than this channel.

E! is EVERYTHING that’s wrong with America- a television channel that promotes materialism, Botox, liposuction, adultery, divorces, and where someone like the supremely untalented Tori Spelling and her loser husband- Dick? Dave? Biff? who’s just out after a stint in- where else?- rehab- are fawned over like royalty and with no one asking, “Yo, bitch, how much MORE work are you gonna have done on your face?”

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Though being invaded by over 24 hours of Eeeeeeeeeew content, I am now better, I am stronger and promise to be just oh-so-forgiving of the many idiots I meet in my daily life here while deciding to go on a crusade to keep crap like this outta Asia though there IS now an E! Asia and a horrendous reality series outta the Philippines called “It Takes GUTZ To Be A Guiterrez”.

Yes, E’s invasion of the Body Snatchers has started in this region.

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And though, the interest level in E! Asia is practically non-existent except in some of the ASEAN markets, the 24-hour free-to-air channel on a six or eight-hour loop plods along with zero advertising, and must be wiped off screens before it warps even one mind and escapes into Greater China.

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