Knowing every bar and restaurant in Lower Elgin Street pretty well and understanding how important attracting the “right” clientele is as this has a marked bearing on the image of a venue, the newly-opened Ho Lee Fook has regulars one does not see anywhere down this street. Ever. Why?

Ho Lee Fook 1

Well, there’s the cuisine- not an expansive menu, but with EVERY dish being superb- and with much also to do with the atmosphere created.

Ho Lee Fook 2

Ho Lee Fook 3

Ho Lee Fook 4

Ho Lee Fook 5

Ho Lee Fook 6

From the outside looking in, Ho Lee Fook doesn’t prepare you for the dinner crowd in the basement restaurant- young, cool and looking very much at home dining on the Shredded Chicken Salad etc with classic Rock playing in the background- the Stones, the Who etc- and an interior created by our friends at G.O.D- all of which makes us for a totally unique dining experience.

See what we mean below…

Ho Lee Fook 7

Ho Lee Fook 8

Ho Lee Fook 9

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