Swire Travel

It’s no laughing matter to the four people from Hong Kong, no doubt devastated by being stopped outside the stadium on their way to watch the semi-final match between Argentina and the Netherlands, and told their tickets for the World Cup were fake because of “problematic barcodes”.

And when a name like Swire Travel is caught in the middle of this rampant rip-off and reading how the travel agency plans to “make amends” for this huge error of judgement, surely some serious questions must be asked?

In case you haven’t heard about the case, it has to do with seventeen employees of the publicly listed company Convoy Financial Services receiving the gift of tickets to watch the World Cup in Brazil for reaching their sales targets of $60m- but with four of these tickets found to be fake “reprints.”

These tickets were acquired at $110,000 per person through Swire Travel, one of the largest and most well-respected travel agencies in Hong Kong, established in 1948.

How it could have been dealing with such dodgy overseas operators for one of the most important sporting events in the world opens up a can of worms along with a number of questions that, hopefully, will not be quietly brushed under the carpet.

As for “making amends” to the unfortunate four with their fake tickets- these included the Chairman of Convoy Financial Services- who ended up watching the semi-final match on television at a nearby bar, all I can ask is, How?

How on earth can one be “making amends” at this stage of the game for this total balls up?

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