Volar in Lan Kwai Fong has always been a clip joint and continues to be a clip joint with, as with many of these clubs, the Young Son being the token front man for the Old Man who’s already cashed in but for various reasons has to keep this albatross around his neck going despite the investment not being what it was.


What possesses mankind to even WANT to pay over $200 to walk into what is a wall-to-wall-paid-for vogue-ing teasers- and nowhere close to those to the Lithuanian beauties some of us scooped away to be real life girlfriends from the clutches of escort clubs like China City and BBoss that, sadly, no longer exist.


Being the cockeyed optimist amd thinking there’s a chance of being laid, the Hong Kong pretty boys and Neanderthal men make the nocturnal journey to fleece joints like Volar. Fat chance.

Every big club in Hong Kong- dragon-i- included- hire high-class ladies offering “love for possible sale” for the price of a free entry free and drinks as the come-on to flirt, and offer a sucker-punched lucky customer some tongue in one’s ear before moving on to the next highest bidder.

We were there the other night to see if anything’s changed. Nah.

High class “manageresses” are hired to try and bring men and women together- but if the men are not splashing the dollars and buying the most expensive champagne, they are relegated to standing at the bar area and keeping up pretenses of having a good time.


Looking around were wall-to-wall desperate men- all going nowhere and all plied with drinks so they think they’re going home with someone when, in truth, it will be a lonely drive home with a taxi driver.

Meanwhile in that poor side of town- Wanchai- the old Spicy Fingers has lost key staff.


Gone are your favorite waitresses and, most key, security- which makes even hanging out outside this club boring, and, if joined at your table by an uninvited old Danish guy with a huge chip on his shoulder, a night where you just might end up at the nearest police station for serving him a knuckle sandwich as, try as you might, the curmudgeon refuses to leave.


He plonks himself at your table and engages in a non-stop argumentative tirade that spills over to racism.

With Spicy Fingers having no security, it means taking the law into your own hand- which can result into a bad ending to the night- and behind bars.


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