The yoga centre I go to is located right above a very popular world wide clothing shop- meaning, I always have to pass by pretty girls, shopping for pretty tiny clothes that are made for doll-size figures.

Hong Kong is seriously overcrowded with beautiful women. This annoys me. There, I just said it, didn’t I?

I’ve been mulling over the topic of appearance and women’s obsession to look insanely beautiful all the time.

Yes, I’m also one of them who wants to look beautiful and fit, but I’m not proud of it; I have never been.


We usually categorise people into two general types: someone with inner beauty, and/or with outer beauty.

We can see an example of these in guys’ conversations about women.

A: Hey, what do you think of Sarah? Are you going to ask her out?

B: Nahhh, I mean, she’s nice, and very smart, but…you know…

Not that I don’t find beautiful people beautiful – they obviously are – but here are the people I TRULY find hot- SO hot that, sometimes their awesomeness gives me goosebumps.


1.People who are fearless.

I’m not talking about any stupid daredevil stuff some people do with a sole purpose to impress others; I’m talking about people who never give up chasing their dream, to achieve their goals, never lose their passion, and anything else of a similar kind.

A few weeks ago I attended a media conference where I could watch a panel comprising war-zone journalists covering inherently dramatic parts of the world.

I had never seen individuals like them before- individuals with such bright, glowing eyes, and confidence and faith in their voices.

They feared death, and the dangers they were jumping into, but they, themselves, were fearless.

2.People who know what they want.

Questions that start with “What do you want to – ” always are a blow to the head, because I need to think about What I want, which I rarely allow myself to ask.

Sometimes I’m afraid of thinking about what I want; dreaming about the things you want isn’t always pleasant when you know you can’t have them.

Most people live on without realising what they truly want. Yet, there are people who voice out what they want, what they have done, and will do to get that, or to get there.

They know what they are doing, and “that’s so fetch.”



Be it a painter, writer, musician, composer, or photographer. Anyone could study hard, put enough time and effort in to acquire knowledge in diverse fields, and excel in exams.

Artists, however, always create something new and original, and they often have to be born with natural talents.

They can really fill you with awe, and marrying one of them was my childhood dreams: “We’ll build our house together, and paint each wall and door in different colours!” said eight-year-old Stella.


4.Nice guys

I hate to reveal my personal dating preference online, because I’m basically giving my address out to the beast out there to come and get me, with a specific guide to kill, cook, and eat me. But I feel the strong need to include ’Nice guys’ in the list to let the boys know that not all girls are fans of bad guys.

Firstly, who the hell do you think you are to treat someone who adores you in such a trashy way? And why do you think that is attractive?

The way they play mind games with women to “eventually have them” is ridiculous and revolting. Be nice to her if you like her.

5.People who are not afraid of mirrors.

Mirrors don’t tell us what kind of person we are, but mirrors do tell us what we look like.

What do you see when you stare at yourself in the mirror? A fat middle aged man? A skinny girl with big boobs?

When I look at myself, I simply see myself. Am I satisfied with my figure? Of course not.

What girl doesn’t want to be considered pretty? But I’m not unhappy with it either.

This is me, and let everyone else see me as the one I see. Don’t be afraid, but proud.


I am not fearless and have only a small idea of what I want.

I am a struggling wannabe journalist who has chased after bad guys before, and am not a big fan of facing myself.

I’m still trying to be the kind of person “I” find hot.

What about you?

Stella Ko

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