Because of the cynicism and sarcasm in my words, and in my nature, sometimes I struck as a person who is chronically disabled to sympathise with people, and those who personally know me will probably have nodded and said, ‘kinda,’ by now.

Yet, my love for puppies are eternal, and as humongous as universe. My family got a 3 months old Maltese three years ago, to soothe my younger sister who has lived with busy-working parents and two constantly traveling older sisters. My family has never been a big fan of dogs for some reason and bringing the puppy home was a HUGE decision to us. Little did we know that he’d change our lives.


I really hate bragging about the things I have, but my dog, aka my baby, is unbelievably adorable and hilarious. I can’t stop staring at, and cuddle with him when I’m back home, and it’s remarkable how he always remembers and greets me by jumping onto me with his tiny little legs to be hugged, and begging for love, while I go visit my family less than twice a year on average. Ugh, now that I’m writing about my baby, I miss him again.

I actually am not the only one who has changed. My family has changed a lot, in a better way, thanks to him. Before we had him, my parents were constantly fighting, my little sister caused troubles in school all the time, and I was still struggling to settle down in China; perhaps that’s about time when I stopped going back home, to avoid the dark shades and the heavy air inside the house. We rarely talked, and happiness, laughter, and harmony – the terms that symbolise happy family – were far from my own.


Then, we were playing with the puppy, taking him to walk, talking to and about him, laughing at all the cute things he does, and when I went home after few months, the atmosphere in the house was much brighter. Nobody screamed at each other because then the puppy will start howling and barking. Instead of going straight to bed after work, my family went out with him, and bond.

Family Lying on Grass

As the puppy grows older, he started acting like a ‘real’ human baby, not a dog. He looked at my mom with his sorry-ill-never-do-it-again face and huge typical puppy dog eyes, and sighed, when she scolded him for peeing on her bed, he liked watching TV with my dad, sitting next to each other, and he even put his blanket on top of his body before he fell asleep.


Sometimes my mom and I talk about his later years. He will get sick, old, and eventually die, and just a thought of that makes my eyes tear. Yes, I’m wiping my eyes while typing. A kid once said, “I know why dogs die much earlier than we do. We live to learn about things like how to be a great friend, how to comfort, and how to be happy, but dogs already know everything.”

I was and still am glad, that he has been the cutest, and the sweetest, bringing joy to everybody, and making my mom less lonely than before, since all her daughters, except the little one, are always overseas. She gave him our family name as well, and treats him like her own kid. I’m glad that he came to be a part of my family.

Maybe it’s time for you to get a dog. It will change your life.


Stella Ko

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