Since I was a kid, I have always had more guy friends than girls, perhaps because back in the days when I was still naive, I was popular to guys. HAHAHA Sorry, let me laugh a little bit here.

Later, realising that I’m not so fond of girly things, drama, cat fights, and what not, I choose to surround myself with people I feel comfortable with, and have emotional connections.

I do have few close girlfriends who care about my life- but here’s why most of my friends are guys- and why I hang out with them more often.


First, I try to avoid as much drama as possible. Girls will gossip about all sorts of things- and people- all of which I couldn’t care less about: Jessica cheated on her boyfriend again? Anna went home with those ugly fugly guys last night? WHO CARES?

Sometimes I think they intentionally create a scene since they cannot live without drama in their lives.

On the other hand, guy friends don’t give a sh*it about who’s the biggest manwhore amongst the group members, and who almost got pregnant.


Guys are the honorary keepers of secrets whom you don’t even have to tell them, “DO NOT SAY THIS TO ANYBODY OR I WILL CUT YOUR BALLS OFF” since, somehow, they have an ability to lock up the confidential information they hear in-between their chest hair, and even forget about it themselves.

This means you could always be honest to them- and reveal your true feelings.

And that leads to another point: Honesty.

A girl has millions of layers to get to the point- or even inner bitch- but everything is on a singular level for a guy; they are down to earth.

Unless she’s your best friend, a girl will probably never tell how unfocused she has been in working hard for her career, or how she looks fat in that dress.

Guys will be straightforward, and they will tell you what’s right and what’s not.


While we girls always have a secret competition to see who looks the best, things could be much more casual with guys as well. You could wear your worn out sweats, tie your hair up, and watch soccer. You don’t need to worry about not carrying the latest clutch and designer dresses. They really wouldn’t care. Maybe they do. Do they?

Guys are very protective. Trust me, they will be your bodyguards for life; and if you need them, they will be there, especially If you happen to meet an unwanted guy hitting on you on the street at 3am. They will always be the last to stay and send you home safe.


Perhaps I’m just lucky to have a very special group of caring guy friends.

Please feel free to be jealous, because I do have an amazing group of loyal, trustworthy, supportive, and honest friends.

Stella Ko

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