The top 15 Eurasian Actresses and Actors in Hollywood – IMDb

A few years ago, TIME devoted a cover story to The Eurasian- an homage, a paean, a tribute, a pictorial to what happens when Western and Eastern genes collide and create some of the beautiful- and handsome- people in the world.

Eurasians 1

Eurasians 2

Eurasians 3

Eurasians 4

Eurasians 5

Eurasians 6

Eurasians 7

Eurasians 8

What’s hard to believe is that there was a time when being an Eurasian was a taboo and dismissed as a “half-breed”- but not today, where Hong Kong almost has a monopoly on good looking Eurasians- models Cara Grogan, Lisa S, Rosemary Vandenbrouke- whatever happened to that television series titled Kitchen Musical that was hyped all outta proportion?- Angelina Anderson, Ana R, Roo Peterson, Pema Banigan, Jessica C and many I’ve missed out on and whom you might be able to help me fill in the blanks…

Eurasians 9

Eurasians 10

Eurasians 11

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