If you still haven’t checked out PMQ, you are missing out, big time. That noise and loud music in Soho, a comparatively quiet district, you are hearing these days are coming from here.


Former Police Main Quarters on Aberdeen Street, aka PMQ, is the new hang-out destination for hipsters and the young crowd in town.

Nobody saw it coming when the construction continued over a year ago; I used to work right across PMQ and simply thought that they were building another apartment, even after hearing a rumour that it was going to be a trendy art district. Word in town did speak the truth, I guess.


PMQ does have everything. Live music? Check. Art Galleries? Check. Bakeries and restaurants? Check. Street food and drinks? Check. Shopping? Check. Night markets at PMQ during the weekend, which will continue throughout June, and July, will feed the need of people who are sick and tired of lousy LKF scenes, or much of the dodginess in Wanchai.


Numerous popular vendors from both local and international venues including Brickhouse offer quality food and drinks in a ‘grab-and-go’ style.

Friday and Saturday nights are packed with people with beer and tacos in their hands, their eyes gazing at cute accessories across the hall.



HKMO, a group of passionate young entrepreneurs rebranded the old building and bought PMQ to promote and support the best local artisans, local brands, bands, and culture in an attempt to rediscover the joy of market-going within people. You can always apply to set up your own vendor, or perform.

While Island East markets and Sun Street markets have been popular, sunday markets for people who are looking for farmers’ goods and fresh organic delis, PMQ is the very first night market of its kind in Hong Kong.


Since PMQ is only opening for limited dates during summer, don’t hesitate to go check it out, and soak up what’s inside this very culturally engaging market with your friends or family.

I’m going over there this Sunday with my beautiful girls as well.

Feel free to swing by!


Stella Ko

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