The Struts 1

Listening to Could Have Been and then watching the video, singer Luke Spiller, below, seems to be channeling Freddie Mercury.

The Struts 2

In the video and Spiller’s silhouetted profile shots reminiscent of Bohemian Rhapsody, Freddie doesn’t even seem dead. Spiller’s vocals are pretty extraordinary.

The Struts 3

Nothing wrong with channeling Freddie Mercury- and absolutely everything right about the Struts whose sound is somewhere between Queen and the Stones.

The music is very British, the sound is retro without being dated and affected, and any posturing only gives the band’s music some extra muscle, massive balls and, here on Kiss Me, Spiller channels Sir Mick and Peter Wolf while the tight as leotards band conjures up the Stones, the J Geils Band and, for some reason, Freedom period George Michael without the trainwrecks.

The Struts 4

The Struts 5

Apart from the UK, the band can be massive in Oz, perhaps Germany, and, with the right sync deal, ready for prime time in Japan and where “makeup bands” that are a throwback to Marc Bolan, Ziggy Stardust period Bowie and, of course, Queen.

Here’s hoping, Elton John doesn’t endorse them and records the obligatory duet.

It’s the kiss of death for any new act.

Just ask Mika and Scissor Sisters and watch the new track from Fall Out Boy tank as dear old Elton makes a very weird cameo appearance in the band’s accompanying video.

The Struts 6