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Hong Kong is a very angry city- a frustrated, pissed off city- and the arrest of former Chief Secretary Rafael Hui on bribery charges along with the arrests of billionaire real estate tycoons Thomas and Raymond Kwok, both in their Sixties and charged with various corruption charges, have not helped.

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The front page news in today’s newspapers that Hui ran up a bill of $33,000 on a dinner at Nicholini’s of the Conrad hotel, below, took out at least $10,000 in cash every day as spending money, spent thousands on carrots and bran for his race horses and spent $7.5 million on his credit card in three years, shows just how much Hong Kong is divided into the Haves and the Have-nots- and how the genie has been let lose and with no one knowing how to put it back into the box.

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The arrest of Rafael Hui, 66, has only meant more questions than answers about how many more Rafael Huis are around and how arrests of people like him- and at his age- will, if found guilty, there’ll be years of appeals after appeals until Hui and the Kwoks are in their Seventies and needing “medical treatment” which will a quiet release so they can live out whatever more years they might have in one of the many prop edly, purchased overseas.

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Why these arrests of these “oldsters” have been made now and all the front page stories about all the spending sprees do nothing as there are a new generation of younger and corrupt Rafael Huis running around.

Reading about how government officials have abused their powers- Donald Tsang, Henry Tang and others we’ll never know about- only helps to do one thing: Piss Hong Kong off as the public has been taken for a ride. Again.

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