Instagram is not just a playground for our generation who likes to show off their healthy diet, fancy dinner, and hot body. Grandma Betty, the 80 years old cancer fighter, starting documenting her cancer-fighting journey on Instagram with the help of her grandson and she now has 693,696 followers (and counting).



Betty is adorable. Her pictures are filled with wits, love, and happiness that we can’t help but be captured by. Cancer is clearly not keeping her from “living” and embracing her last moments the way she wants to be. She’s a fighter.


In the Interview on Louisville’s WDRB, Grandma Betty said, “Maybe they’ll learn something from me. I’ve been here 80 years; maybe they’ll learn something good from me.”

You can and probably SHOULD follow Grandma Betty on Instagram @grandmabetty33 and I guarantee, you will fall in love with her very quickly.

Have a good look at her Instagram pictures and videos; age and disease cannot take the humour away. She even dances to Pharrell’s Happy!


Her Instagram is a mixture of loving relationship among devoted family members, and her painful, heartbreaking reality of her battle. As a person who experienced death of a close person,Grandma betty’s account brings both tears and joy to my eyes.

Many times people are too shy and cautious to talk about death, but by bringing it out to the public means a lot. We can give them the emotional and practical support the patients need and deserve.



She is a true inspiration to not only those who are suffering from serious diseases, but also us who do more of complaining than enjoying and appreciating what we have.



Stella Ko

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