I love brunch. When you drink alcohol on Tuesday morning, you’ve got a problem, but when you have it on sunday morning, it’s acceptable. Especially because of the generation-defining series ’Sex and the City’ where the four hot girls had a fancy brunch every weekend, it has become a popular culture.

Even though it’s a simple meal, – not a three course meal with a dessert -, there is a wide variety of menu to choose from: pancakes, waffle, omelette, salad, and more. Every time we tell ourselves, “I’m going to try something new this time!”, but we always end up choosing the same one. Yes, we all have a distinct preference when it comes to food. Here’s an interesting fact.

What you eat as a brunch can tell your personality. What is your favourite brunch menu? Let’s find out what kind of person you are.

[Eggs Benedict]


If you choose Eggs Benedict, you are the kind of person who enjoys his/her life fully, where fun equals happiness of the overall quality of the life. You eat and drink anything you want at each meals and you love drinking cocktails in the morning. You will probably order one as well while you are having your brunch.

[Scrambled Eggs]


You are a straight arrow who’s a bit too prim and proper. You have a strong will power but you might want to break out of the shell and excite yourself.



You try REALLY HARD to look cool and alright even in times when you feel like a mess. You are very approachable, and attract a lot of people.



People who choose Burritos have a life motto of ‘Play hard or go home.’ Career or money doesn’t mean a lot to them. They often go to work hungover.

[Bagel with smoked salmon]


You are New Yorker. If not, well, you will be a New Yorker.

[French Toast]


A lot of friends will come to you for consolation or counselling since you make others want to rely on you. You also like helping friends out in tough circumstances but remember to take care of yourself first before others.

[Bacon, Cheese, and Eggs]


You are the type of person who works hard and plays hard. You work under a lot of stress and pressure but you also have time for yourself during weekends, to chill out and relax.

[Croque Monsieur]


You are awesome. I just said it there. You are humble, not exactly a big dreamer who wants to be a millionaire, but are content with your life.



You must be irresistibly charming to eat waffles for brunch. You have a lot of people around you who adore and look up to you.

Stella Ko

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