Here’s the truth. I rarely eat out at review-worthy restaurants, or drink green smoothies everyday to detoxify my body. I’m actually the kind of person who eats late night kebab after work, munch on bloody mary and chips on hungover saturdays, and go for a guilt run. Being a foodie does mean that I love food, but doesn’t mean that I eat right all the time. I wish.

Especially because I have been preoccupied with a number of things these days, I think I just ate whatever filled my hunger and anger. Yet, I have noticed a pattern in my diet, and here are the five food items I just cannot live without.

5 food 1

(1 Banana)

Oh god, Banana’s like bread and rice to me, but better. It is sweet, filling, portable, and affordable. When I have no time to sit down and eat, or have no appetite but am starving, I just grab couple of bananas with a glass of milk or juice. I also like blending it with some ice, milk, and berries, into a smoothie. Mmmmm. I always carry few bananas in my bag for an afternoon snack, post-workout meal, and for a friend who will probably say “I’m hungry, I haven’t eaten yet.” A bundle of banana is about $6 in Welcome or ParknShop, and a bundle’s enough for a day if I’m planning on eating nothing but banana. Sashay, a pub in Soho, and Nood Food have really tasty banana-based smoothies.

5 food 2

(2 Sushi)

Because I’m Pescatarian, – I abstain from all kinds of meat except seafood and chicken -, I don’t have many options to choose from, which are usually a lot more expensive than regular meals. My favourite’s especially salmon and tuna sushi, with no soy sauce, but a little bit of pickled garlic and ginger. There’s a take out sushi shop in sheung wan, just few blocks away from my apartment, selling sushi and rice with VERY fresh thick slice of fish on top, at a very reasonable price; I stop by there at least once in two days and fill my sushi desire.

5 food 3

5 food 4

(3 Lunch set from La Rotisserie)

La Rotisserie is a French grilled chicken shop. Even though there is no sitting area, people still line up during lunch and dinner hours. Lunch box includes grilled chicken, cooked with quality spices and herbs, and side dishes, ranging from roasted potatoes, vegetables, mashed potato, french beans, to ratatouille at only $68. You can also choose from salad, soup, sandwich, quiche, and more, but I prefer lunch box. Since they sell either 1/4, 1/2, or full chicken, catering for holidays and family dinner is also a good idea. The Sheung wan branch is only few blocks away from my apartment (I know, I love my neighbourhood), and also because I know the main chef, it takes up a large portion of my daily meals.

5 food 5

(4 take out box from Life)

“Life Organic Cafe Restaurant” has a take away section where you can take organic and vegetarian breads, sandwiches, salads, and more home. You can choose one kind of salad – usually ranging from broccoli with cheese, green soba noodle salad, corns and beans, tofu, to quinoa salad – in a small cup of $30, and choose three in a small box of $50 and more for even bigger box but since the container is bigger than it seems and the staffs put a lot right before the box bursts out, a small box is enough for even two meals for me. And they taste SO GOOD; I have been eating there for a considerable amount of time, but I’m still not sick of it even though they aren’t exactly healthy because of obvious amount of oil and salt they use.

5 food 6

(5 guacamole)

If there was an avocado-themed restaurant, where they sell avocado cream pasta, guacamole and chips, eggs-baked avocado, and more, I would be so willing to live there. My love for avocado, especially guacamole, is humongous. How can a fruit taste so creamy, smoother than banana, rich in flavour, and goes perfect with almost anything? Sometimes I just want to take a bath in a sea of guacamole, wait, ew, sorry that was disgusting.

What’s your favourite food for tummy? Food for thought, eh?

Stella Ko

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