Imagine living without a phone for a month, can you handle the level of craziness? You will freak out even when your phone dies out of battery for few hours before you reach home, but I have been living without a phone for almost a month, not on purpose in the beginning, and I honestly think I could continue this kind of life for longer duration.

No phone 1

A month ago, my phone malfunctioned without prior notice, and it wouldn’t even turn itself on. No charger worked and it was as if my phone turned into a piece of woodblock. Then I was thinking whether I should fix it as soon as possible or wait until payday and buy a brand new phone, but because of my daily amnesia and busy schedule, I ended up missing the right timing to go to service center or electronics store.

I have always been very critical and satirical towards people who just cannot stop posting something that nobody cares on Facebook, and Instagram after-sex selfies and all, and I hated it the most when my friend kept checking her phone every 3 minutes while hanging out with me. Yet, phone was also a huge, well, the biggest part of my life; because of the nature of my job, I had to check and write emails and messages on a regular basis, and I had been an avid user of Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for a long time; even the thought of living without them was impossible.

The first few days were killing me. I couldn’t reach anyone when I wanted to and needed, and because many people didn’t know and still don’t know that I don’t have a phone, the idea that some people might be calling me and messaging me something important was haunting me every day and night. Besides, I couldn’t Instagram AT ALL, and whenever I was having a nice meal, or chilling with a nice view, I had one word in my head, ‘damn.’

What if my boss calls me? What if I get a call from the company that I got an offer? What if, What if?

No phone 2

The next few weeks went by pretty easily as people started talking to me on Facebook, and I got used to life without phone. It was also good to know that there were not many people as I thought who wanted to talk to me as I did on the phone. Instead of scrolling down the newsfeed during my bus ride, I looked outside, looking for hot people to stare at, and instead of messaging my friends at night asking, “WHO’S OUT TONIGHT?” I read journals, drinking Sauvignon Blanc and eating strawberries at home.

My friends often urged me to get a darn phone since they can’t find us, and told me how I’m not a fun person anymore and what not, but was I ever bored? Rarely. I read books, go shopping, practice yoga, eat out, drink, run, and write, and now I’m finally living my life proactively.

If you could endure the first week, and have the will power to continue for a month or maybe more, I highly recommend you to drop your phone, and start living. It ain’t so bad.

No phone 3

Stella Ko

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