Happy 1

and not

Happy 2


Happy 3

and not

Happy 4


Happy 5

and not

Happy 6


Happy 7

and not

Happy 8

Happy Wednesday is about being yourself and not what others want you to be.

Happy 9

It’s about having your own space to express yourself.

Happy 10

Happy Wednesday is watching the horses dance under the stars- and with the stars.

Happy 11

It’s about having one day a week to connect with the real world.

Happy 12

Happy Wednesday is

Happy 13


Happy 14

Le joie de vivre of

Happy 15

and the Ooompah pah of

Happy 16

Happy Wednesday is facing the music in one of the best ways…and letting it carry you away.

Happy 17

Happy Wednesday is

Happy 18

Happy 19

Happy 20

Happy 21

Happy 22

Happy Wednesday is

Happy 23


Join this season’s Happy Wednesday

Blast Off and Send Off at the Beer Garden on June 5!

Happy 24

Bring nothing except your smile.

Happy 25


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