Trainer Caspar Fownes has always made Happy Valley his happy hunting grounds and has his Valley specialists firing on all cylinders over the past few weeks.

Last Wednesday, for example, Fownes saddled up a treble including the fifth win this season for the vastly improved Speedy Gonzalez.

Once dismissed as a non-winner, it wasn’t until Joao Moreira got on its back for the first time that we saw Speedy Gonzalez win a race.

With Fownes changing its riders and knowing Hong Kong’s handicapping system extremely well, it’s obvious the trainer has known that his galloper had been dropped so low by the handicapper that once it knew how to find that winning post, Speedy Gonzalez had a huge number of rating points in hand.

This is why the trainer has been entering his very fit galloper so frequently for races at Happy Valley- and where it keeps winning- and getting as many wins as he can before the City track is closed for drainage work before re-opening in October.

Of course, at some point, horses like Speedy Gonzalez reach their limit and where class rises and increases in weight catches up with them.

This means a trainer entering these horses in inappropriate races to bring the rating points down again in a constant game with the Handicapper.

To find out about the rating points of Caspar Fownes’ runners on Wednesday and how well he plays the rating game, check out Racing Touch on your iPad and understand which horses have still to be caught out by the Handicapper and have more winners in store for them.