Celebrating 10 years anniversary of Mean Girls

This week was a celebration of 10 years anniversary of the legendary movie, ‘Mean Girls’, but first, let me take a selfie and let’s hear the best rap of all time by Kevin G in Mean Girls.


Yo, Yo, Yo!

Aaaaaall, youuuuu

Suckah emcee’s ain’t got nothin’ on me!

On my grades, on my lines. You ca’t touch Kevin G!

I’m a Mathlete, so nerd is inferred.

But forget what you heard,

I’m like James Bond the Third.

Sh-Sh-Shaken, not stirred. I’m Kevin Gnapoor.

The G is silent when I sneak in your door,

And make love to your woman on the bathroom floor.

I don’t play it like Shaggy. You’ll know it was me.

Cuz the next time you see her she be like “Ohhh! Kevin G!!!”

Happy Holidays Everybody!

I really enjoyed re-reading and watching all of that blasting articles, pictures, quotes, and memes on the Internet. Quoting Mean Girls has become a national pastime. Looking back, it was the movie that defined and ruled my generation. You hate them, but can’t really hate them. Hail Regina George! So, to commemorate them, I compiled a list of my favourite Mean Girls quotes, an endless source of humour to pull from even after many years.


I think I used this phrase every single time I went shopping with my friends. There are many different ways to apply this sentence – Get in loser, we are going to beach. Get in loser, we are getting Chinese takeout -, and they will still sound like Mean Girls quote as long as you sound careless and annoyed.



We know how halloween is just an excuse to wear the smallest and sluttiest clothes in your wardrobe. Put those ears on your head to dress up as a mouse, and put a pair of clam bras to be a mermaid!


It’s true though. getting along and socialising with people have become a lot more tricky and calculative than we wished.


No, Regina George has become a national bitch everyone loves and hates.



How many of you have actually done Pink Wednesday? and look how many clothing brands made money out of this campaign.



By the end of the movie, you are no longer irritated by her ignorance and dumbness; she’s rather cute.




Guilty as charged, but this is the phrase we all relate to.


“Stop trying to make fetch happen.”

But she did make fetch happen! and it’s funny how some people thought this actually is a word.


Yes honey, so keep eating.


so he said, and nobody listened.


You go, girl! Every time somebody achieves something, or make him/herself proud, this is the way to compliment that person. After 10 shots challenge, promotion at a job, weight loss, and what not, just say it. “You go, Glen Coco!”


Mean Girls actually is a well-made movie, a compilation of all the idiotic little things that we miss from high school, and openly makes fun of the cliched concepts like “dumb blondes” and “Queen B”. Mean Girls 2, Mean Girls 3, and Mean Girls Return have all been a huge disappointment since they were nothing new, but replica of the original bitches we grew up with. Happy 10 years anniversary!

Stella Ko

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