I’m just not understanding this “social media” thing as, whatever it started out to be, it’s now hurtling towards the porno route with the entry of Tinder and online dating/bonking sites.

the end of social media 1

Add to this, the social media gnats who are the latest incarnation of entertainment lawyers and flying by the seat of their pants by making things up as they make things up as they go.

the end of social media 2

Then, there are the actual mediums themselves that seem to be going through internal upheavals of their own as, simply put, consumers are finally asking the tough questions to which they don’t have the answers as theirs are flawed business models.

the end of social media 3

Let me say that I believe in the power,reach and effectiveness of social media.

Handled properly- and best by yourself as you SHOULD know what you want out there if this is about business and self-branding- all the mediums at our disposal can be used very effectively- IF you know how.

” Engagement” is a nice little buzz word, but “engagement” requires Marketing, creative and writing skills for it to work. If not, it’s just clutter where the medium is more like an unhappy ending massage.

the end of social media 4

What I detest is the bullshit factor that goes hand-in-hand with “social media marketing” and the over-complication of basic, traditional marketing knowledge and strategic thinking turned into gobbledygook by overnight geniuses on the subject who try and pass themselves off as experts on a way of communicating where they make many dullards in big corporations think that these fly-by-night operators have the magic elixir to curing every bad traditional marketing gaffe.

the end of social media 5

Well, it’s either the magic elixir or being the scapegoat when “viral” doesn’t happen.

the end of social media 6

Here’s where I’m having some real issues; the promises made to make something “go viral” and the bogus “methodology” of getting there with fake “views”, fake followers, fake “likes” and, as Elaine Benes mentioned to Jerry Seinfeld how it’s all become as fake, fake, fake, fake as her “orgasms” with him.

the end of social media 7

In this crapped-out, faked-down world overrun with bullshit politicians, bullshit marriages and romances and bullshit bullshit, out of the bowels of loneliness comes “social media” which, like the man-eating plant in The Little Shop Of Horrors says, Feed me, and which we do by uploading content for our friends and, if someone else likes it, fine.

the end of social media 8

The problem I have is when I see tweets like these below SELLING followers- and with Twitter doing nothing about it.

the end of social media 9


the end of social media 10


the end of social media 11


It makes me think of data bases, ownership of content, IPOs and the end game for YouTube, Twitter, Instagram,Facebook, Spotify etc and the baffling Linkedin where you “have to be” but don’t know why nor why you’re “accepting” people. And then what?

the end of social media 12

Somewhere, somehow, the tail is wagging the dog and the consumer, who readily gives- for free- all this “consumer-generated content” gets zero in return- other than being the new Sally Fields and thinking, they- whoever they are- like me, they really REALLY like me.

And THEN what?

the end of social media 13

And because “they” do “like” you, one meekly becomes “slave to the system” of bullshit generators who manipulate many of us to do their bidding while they get rich from our work and our content.

the end of social media 14

A month ago, my company let go of our social person- a nice enough guy based in the Philippines who sent us pretty monthly reports while sharing his wisdom on how to “tag” posts, the importance of Google rankings and why the cow left with the spoon.

the end of social media 15

He tried hard, but he was clueless- and powerless- as to why some videos on Youtube were taken down, others were not and how there were suddenly 30,000 new “views” from places like Moldova and people who had never ever been on YouTube before.

the end of social media 16

But, but, but, we were told this is what happens when one buys YouTube Ads or Facebook Ads.

We were buying ads? Why? How did it all work? Who made any coin from anything?

the end of social media 17

the end of social media 18

It all came down to second-guessing, how “no one knew”, how letters were going to be sent to YouTube asking for reasons yada yada yada.

Again, like entertainment lawyers and the online world, it was 30 percent guess work, 20 percent false bravado and fifty percent bullshit.


the end of social media 19

The most rampant- and transparent- fakery on YouTube happens in the area of music.

Let’s not head to THAT television singing competition so well-known for using armies of clickers in places like Bangladesh to pump up “views” and create “overnight YouTube sensations.”

the end of social media 20

Let’s also not go over old terrain about the “overnight successes” of The Bieb, Michael Geyson Chance and Psy- and the various background players involved in scamming the public.

the end of social media 21

Look at TOTALLY unknown musicians with hundreds of thousands of “views” and fawning comments from “within.”

It makes the “popularity” of these people laughable as it’s just amateur hour and naïveté.

the end of social media 22

Last night, a friend’s post on “Six guys I know who I met on Tinder” was removed by Facebook Ads for “violating the Codes Of Conduct.” Oh, please.

No names were mentioned- nothing. It was a relevant and humorous piece about Tinder and the deadbeats and losers it attracts and something that should be read.

the end of social media 23

Its removal, the seemingly indiscriminate removal of videos by YouTube, and force feeding these YouTube and Facebook Ads tells me that those who once so readily offered us these platforms are realizing that they could be on the receiving end of copyright infringement lawsuits and, more importantly, some huge legal issues regarding ownership of content and how those companies buying data from these mediums are being sold some very dodgy numbers.

the end of social media 24

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