What my mom told me few years ago still haunts me every day and every night. “Honey, I went to a really famous and skilled fortune teller just now, and she looked at all my three daughters’ future. You guys are all so blessed and intelligent, born with one of the best possible life path, and she said career-wise, you’ve got the best of all, but you have no luck in guys in terms of relationships or marriage.”


Not that those words came from a credible source with valid evidence, but somehow they have been motivating and encouraging me to power through whenever I go through tough times, since I believe that I got brighter things ahead of me.

I love superstitions, fortune cookies, horoscope and what not, I guess because I’m not a sensible, reasonable, or logical person; then recently, I was drawn to palmistry, fortune telling by reading your palms and fingers, and it’s pretty cool.

Your destiny is in your hands 2

Do you want to know your future? Yes, you do. I see you are already spreading your hands.

First of all, you have to look at both of your hands since left hand is about your natural talent, personality, and what you’ve been through so far, while right hand tells you your future. Some palm readers believe that “the left is what the god gives you, the right is what you do with it.”

There are 6 major lines on your palm to look at, the lines that determine your life, intelligence, fate, heart, marriage, and career.

Your destiny is in your hands 3

Life line is the most basic line, the line between your thumb and index finger that goes down towards your wrist. Thick and long line means you’ll live long, healthy life without any disease. And they say that if there is a gap between your intelligence line and life line, it means that you’ve been through a lot of traumatic incidents when you were younger.


Fate line is a bit interesting. It’s the line that starts in the middle of your palm and goes up, and it indicates turning point in your life. Whether this line starts near your wrist or in the middle also is an important factor to look at; if it starts in the middle, you are very independent person taking care of yourself, with a very firm life motto and attitude. If it’s a straight line, you are responsible, and if not, you are very bitter and sarcastic. If your fate line goes all the way up and meets the heart line, there’s a possibility of marrying a VERY successful and powerful person who could turn your life around.

Your destiny is in your hands 5

Third line is so-called intelligence line, or head line. If it goes down with a steep slope, you tend to be idealistic, and if it’s straight, or goes upward, you tend to me more realistic. If your life line and intelligence line are joint in the beginning, you might be a very sensitive, and introverted person, and if they are separated, you might be a bold person. Short ones indicate logical personality, medium length shows diligence, and the one with two ends mean astounding artistic talent.

Heart line shows richness and stability of your mental health; the one heading up basically says that you are fine, with not much to worry about, but if it goes down towards the bottom of your hand, you tend to be gloomy and worrying person. Short heart line means you don’t have much interest in your life, that you are pretty much bored, and long heart line means you have a high self esteem and ego strength. Also, if your heart line is deep, you tend to be selfish and independent.

Your destiny is in your hands 6

Apollo line, success line, could be a little tricky since some people don’t even have it. It’s a vertical line below your fourth finger, and it could have different starting points. There’s a saying that you only have this line if you are well-recognised and loved by public or the community you are part of. This is a line about success, fame, money, and etc. If you have multiple lines like this, or have a very clear deep one, you’ll end up being rich and famous, but even if it’s unclear and thin, you’ll still lead a happy life without regard to money.

Your destiny is in your hands 7

Sixth line, a tiny little horizontal line right below your pinky, is about marriage and relationships. if there’s a single clear line with a red or pink colour, you will have a standard happily married life; on the other hand, several light lines in this area will indicate romances instead. The closer the lines are to the base of the little finger, the later in life these marriages will be. Well, I don’t even have this line. I guess I’ll forever be single.

As you might already know, palmistry is not a proven science, but it’s fun to stare into your or someone’s hands, right? It could actually be a great pick-up move, even though it won’t be relevant to me since I don’t have that god damn romance line.

Stella Ko