I love all sorts of holidays, but the best is when they are combined with weekends, making things even better. I spent my easter weekend to explore Mong Kok, where some people call aka the dark side. You might be slightly confused, questioning, “What?! Exploring Mong Kok? Is this person a tourist or what?” But for a person like me who likes to stay in one’s comfort zone – Central district in this case – as much as possible, going to the other side of the island is a BIG deal. But I think now I’m starting to like Mong Kok, after finding this dazzling cafe called “Full Cup Coffee”.

Full cup Coffee 1

It took me a considerate amount of time staring into the map and asking people around to find the place at first, since Full Cup Coffee is hidden inside one of the alleyways. I usually hate those places where they play so hard to get, but finding Full Cup Coffee was definitely worth it.

Full cup Coffee 2

Consisted of 4 floors in Han Wai Court, Mong Kok, Full Cup Coffee has each floors in different style, adding more personality and variety. The whole place is decorated in such a beautiful, artistic, and homey way, that I was willing to spend the whole day there. Balcony with glass mosaic tables, wooden chairs, neon signs, indoors with dimly lit yellow lights and couches, chilling rooftop, and the floor with stage, where the live music is at, were all eye-catching.

Full cup Coffee 3

Full cup Coffee 4

Full cup Coffee 0

A wide range of food and drinks is illustrated in a magazine-like menu, where not only food and drinks, but also articles and pictures about the culture of art and music are described in a very stylistic way. Apparently, they recruit writers and local artists to write and perform, thus, regularly updating the menu-gazine.

Full cup Coffee 5

Full cup Coffee 6

We tried ice latte, fruit tea, for drinks, and cold angel hair with salad in the bottom, and salmon and chicken fillet each on top. There was nothing to fuss about the food; they were absolutely delicious and neat, without any excessive spice or oil. With both reasonable price and filling portion size, I give 5/5.

Full cup Coffee 7

Full cup Coffee 8

Full cup cafe invites live band and local amateur singers to perform every monday, wednesday, and sunday. If you don’t want to buy the ticket but still want to listen to live music, you could just stay on different floors, watching the performance live on TV. You can also purchase books, post cards, and artworks here.

Full cup Coffee 9

Here at Full Cup Coffee, Art, music, and food and drinks all meet together and create something special that you definitely want to experience.

Full cup Coffee 10

Stella Ko

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