Growing up, I always felt like I was one of the most privileged kids as I got to grow up in multiple countries, learning and experiencing a lot of cool things including language and social skills, and I used to think that I had everything I ever wanted in my life. I still do. Yet, there always comes a moment when you feel so solitary, not because you are single, but because you feel the need to be surrounded by loving people you could laugh and cry with.

So, here comes a list of people you ABSOLUTELY need in your life, whether you are Bill Gates-rich, Miss popular, or nobody-notices-me type of person.

1. Parents

I’m sorry for starting out with the obvious, but hey, you should’ve seen it coming. Since I spent many years in different countries by myself, I never really had a sense of family, or parents. Our communication was mostly through phone calls, messenger, and Skype, which made me feel as if I had online family. But it was much later when I realised that they are the best supporter, comforter, friend, guardian, and adviser and they always will be, while people could stab you in the front and in the back. They love you in a way that nobody is capable of, even in circumstances where you feel like a complete failure.

9 people you absolutely need in your life 1

2. That basic bitch on Facebook

You just need this bitch. You can make fun of her constant status updates of meaningless details of her daily routine, talk sh*t about how she changes her relationship status every month, and how she sometimes seems to be so proud of her stupidity and insensitivity, so that you feel better about yourself and think, “thank god, my life isn’t so bad.” This basic bitch actually brings joy and drama into your boring life; she is not going to challenge you intellectually, but will make you laugh and annoyed at the same time.

9 people you absolutely need in your life 2

3. Very, very, very blunt friend

I am a sadistic person in a way that I like harsh comments and constructive advices on my behaviour or life choices. With a little bit of exaggeration, I would say that straight talkers turn me on. In fact, there is a subtle difference between mean people talking non-sense, and a friend with care-driven honesty – they might sound the same – but the latter will make you emotionally mature, thorough, and look back on your mistakes and judgments. Say no more to those sugar-coated words that will make you feel good about yourself temporarily, and listen to your friend who has the balls to tell you that you were wrong.

9 people you absolutely need in your life 3

4. Siblings (the more the better)

I have two sisters, both younger and older, and as a middle one, I had to go through a lot of physical and emotional fights with bullying sisters, to survive from them and stand out. When I was a kid, I always got into physical fight – yeah, we were wild sisters -, or arguments with my older sister; she was so smart even as a kid that she could make me burst into tears simply by telling me few awfully harsh words in a calm voice. Oh, how I despised her, and how I told mom that she’s a devil’s child… But now that I look back, growing up with siblings taught me to build patience, independence, cooperation skills, and competence, and last but not least, my sisters now are my best friends in the entire universe. Siblings will turn you into a better person, and will call you the best.

9 people you absolutely need in your life 4

5. That guy who knows everything, and by everything, I do mean everything.

Including myself, there are huge number of people who are avid worshippers of Google, but sometimes internet doesn’t give you as fast and correct answers as you want. Then you just call, or message this guy. Questions could range from “hey, what’s the weather gonna be like this weekend?” to “did you see that article about Africa this morning on Times?” He’s not exactly smartest person you know, but somehow this person has answers to everything, and he will make your life so much easier and more convenient, though how he does will always remain as an unsolved mystery.

9 people you absolutely need in your life 5

6. That person who knows everyone

So you met a girl last night in a club, half-Asian, half-British, her name was…Carol? You tried to find her on Facebook, but there are 3,200 possible Carols out there and you are not even sure if her name was Carol or Caroline. Ask this person, the social butterfly, cus she/he literally knows everyone. In the end, you will end up going onto this person’s friends list on Facebook every time to find a person you want to add. And this person has connections in all sorts of community and industry. Chef? Designer? Pilot? Bartender? You name it. This person will hook you up with networks of opportunities and friendship.

9 people you absolutely need in your life 6

7. A friend who reads your mind

At the end of an exhausting day, where you had to deal with loads of work, dumb people, and stress, this friend of yours will call you to grab a beer and chill. Good timing. So you meet up in a local bar, but you are way too tired to even move or talk, maybe you feel like crying and complain about how messed up your life is. Then this guy, or girl, looks straight into your eyes and say, “dude, cheer up, you little fighter, things will get brighter.” He/she just reads your mind like that, and you instantly feel better how you have such a sweet heart in your life. You just need this person. We all need this psycho buddy.

9 people you absolutely need in your life 7

8. Your crush who’s way out of your league

You might be wondering by now why boyfriend/girlfriend or significant other is not on the list, but I don’t think you need them. I mean, If you desperately need to fall in love with a stranger to make you happy and what not, you must be one hell of an insecure person. But having a crush on someone, especially someone who’s waaayyyyyy out of your league is a totally different issue; what happens next is you take care of yourself, to look hotter, become smarter, and more approachable for that crush of yours to notice you and maybe hit on you – which is very unlikely but aren’t we the optimists -. It doesn’t matter whether things work out or not as long as you made the best out of that period of time. At the end of the day, he/she is just one of the fish in the ocean and you would rather want to work on being the awesomest adept fisher than striving to catch that one particular fish’s attention.

9 people you absolutely need in your life 8

9. ____________________

So, who is it? Who is that person, or people, you absolutely need in your life? Oh, is it that person who just came to your mind, or those girls you are reading this with? Now, stop reading, get your ass up to go find them, and buy them a glass of wine.

Stella Ko