When it’s over, it’s over, and no matter how much one might try to make it work, or cling on for selfish reasons or because of years of living a lie ‘cos of “parental indoctrination” about how it was meant to be, when that ship has sailed or that train has been de-railed, there is no point looking back in anger or with regrets or even holding our some hope.

It’s gone- that word called love- and he or she with it.

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Gawd knows, there have been some great songs written about it and there will be many others waiting to be written, but, yes, love hurts, everybody hurts, but it can also be a time where one feels a tremendous sense of release, relief and the exhilaration of starting over and writing a new chapter.

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Sure, you’ll miss them from time to time, and hearing songs like Stephen Bishop’s On And On, listening to Roy Orbison sing, It’s Over, McCartney’s For No One, Don Henley and The Heart Of The Matter, Daryl Hall and John Oats’ She’s Gone or – all, brilliant song-poems about the brittleness of love- might make you stop and think for a while, but that was the past and what matters now is the journey ahead and who joins you on it.

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Perhaps it’s where someone is at a point in their life where they have taken the highs with the lows, know the yins and Martin Yans and realize it was no longer meant to be and that even the best was not good enough.

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So, one arrives at that time in space to make that final break from everything- and everyone- even that sometimes overrated word called “family”- that, perhaps, once mattered- a time that should be the inspiration and the catalyst to raise your Excalibur and say, Fuck all that.

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Now, onwards, upwards and sideways though reining in the kinda goopy idea Gwyneth Paltrow has planned to celebrate her divorce from Coldplay’s Chris Martin: A three-weekend bachelorette party with naked male waiters and all kinds of other things any rich 41-year-old can afford to do.

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Us ordinary people, well, again, depending on where life’s journeys have been taken, the silly games have stopped, so has being the Wolf of wherever, and what matters now is finding that someone who ignites something inside that makes you go up and say, I think you’re fantastic. Let’s go away somewhere and get to know each other without any doubters, two-bit losers and the negativity of the But People around.

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This is the same emotional fire that made Clapton write Layla, inspired Lennon to record Woman and McCartney to admit, Maybe I’m Amazed.

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Those days when “players only love you when they’re playing” are now reduced to living a lie on social media and apps for saps.

Real life- like real love- needs to make a comeback- and it will.

You just need to realize when it happens.

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