Much has been said, the tributes have flowed and, yes, it’s brilliant the way the racing industry comes together to mourn one of its own, but the passing of 23-year-old Nathan Berry, who finally lost his brave battle to conquer the virus known as Norse Syndrome, goes beyond the horse racing world.

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The sport has lost many- too many- through falls in a race, but to lose a young jockey only recently married to his childhood sweetheart and with a career on a steep upward spiral while in Singapore on a riding contract has touched many with even only a passing interest in the sport.

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The passing of Nathan Berry has forced to remind many as to just how fragile life can be, re-examine life’s priorities and those we should be with during their living years, and, without sounding too religious, wonder why someone so young and surrounded by so much love should be taken away so cruelly.



Life will go on for many while life will go on for others- but very differently- as Nathan Berry and his twin brother Tommy simply stood out as great role models in a sport where heroes are hard to find- decent young human beings, on and off the track- and there for all to see if one ever met the boys or even read or heard about them in interviews.

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Nathan Berry has left behind a legacy that’s much more than his accomplishments as a jockey.

While our thoughts are with his wife Whitney and an extremely close family unit, Nathan’s legacy has also been to remind many of us that life is for living and to live this life with dignity, respect for those closest to you and to never be shy to show real love, something he was happy to share when talking about marrying “the greatest girl in the world.”

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Thanks, Nathan.

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