I’m not a billionaire who has every minute planned by personal assistant, but somehow I don’t really have physical and mental time to enjoy each and one of my meal, especially when I’m eating out on my own – surrounded by festive group of people -. I tend to go for a decent dish that could be consumed fast and furious.

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My friends and followers often think that I eat all that fancy food everyday because of my Instagram pictures and posts; in fact, that’s far from the ugly truth of my eating habit. Today, I’ll introduce you some of the fast food spots, satisfying in terms of speed, quality, and price.


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K-Roll, located in Sheung Wan, is where you can find different kinds of Korean Sushi, Rolls, Rice, and some other snacks. During Lunch and Dinner time, you’ll see a long line of people waiting. K-Roll does not just sell rolls, but bowls of rice with mixed vegetables and meat, set meal, Korean noodles, and Korritto (Korean burrito) made freshly by the Korean ladies, or perhaps moms, in an open kitchen.

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It’s healthy, delicious, clean, and fast, but the only thing that bothers me probably because I’m Korean is that K-Roll is overpriced and overrated than it’s supposed to be. I know how popular Korean food and Korean culture is these days, but I wouldn’t honestly pay this much. However, it’s worth trying since this is the only Korean eatery in Sheung Wan where you can just grab and go.

Yonge Piggies

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I live in such a great area, perfect for broke foodies. You’ll be surprised to know that my neighbourhood is literally consisted of street-full of restaurants, bakeries, and diners. Yonge Piggies, sells Canadian hotdogs, street-style burrito and Poutine, Fries with gravy and cheese on top. It’s almost as if they are saying that “we sell fatty yummy food if you don’t mind,” crispy and filling hotdogs and fries are perfect for afternoon munchies, if you don’t mind all the calories. This is the only place that sells Poutine in Hong Kong Island, as far as I know, and that’s one of the reasons why Yonge Piggies feels homey.

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Dining scenes such as high tea, English breakfast, and fish&chips(fries in this case) are pretty common and popular in Hong Kong, technically everywhere, probably because of the lingering British influence. Yet, it has been hard to find quality fish and chips; by “quality fish and chips”, I mean beer-battered fresh chunk of fish, instead of deep-fried dough covering a powdery meat that resembles the taste of fish.

Fast Feast in Hong Kong 7

Seasalt, recently opened in Soho, boldly focuses on nothing but fish and chips, prawns, and some deep-fried snacks, but with reasonable price, speed, and quality, it won’t disappoint you.

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MANA! Fast Slow Food & Life Organic Cafe Restaurant

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MANA! and Life are two of the healthiest places I visit whenever I feel guilty of my food choices, and lazy work out schedule. Because of small sitting area, MANA! and Life has broad variety of food that could be taken away in a pretty wrapper or a paper box, and their selection of wraps, salads, vegetables, and bakeries are surprisingly delicious, and has a filling portion size.

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Get rid of your stereotype that fast food cannot be healthy, hearty, and guilty pleasure-free, and dig in.

Little Bao

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If you haven’t heard of Little Bao yet, you are missing out big time, and…are you sure you are living in Hong Kong? Little Bao used to be a small food stand inside the mall few years ago, but now a proud diner in Soho/Poho, packed with people throughout business hours. Little Bao created mini burgers out of “bao”, meaning bread in Chinese, filling variety of vegetables in meat inside those little buns, or baos. But my favourite at Little Bao was deep-fried hot bao with cold green tea ice-cream and condensed milk inside.

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With an open kitchen in front, it never gets boring while staring at the staffs cooking and grilling but make sure to avoid peak time unless you don’t mind waiting outside for 20 minutes.

Power-through another busy week, and enjoy your fast-feast; “I have no time to eat” is no longer an excuse for you to skip your meal, disregarding a privilege of living in Hong Kong, the world’s greatest food city.

Stella Ko

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