After a bit of a slowdown, the food by phone delivery business in Hong Kong is having a small renaissance period with new companies coming to the fore whereas, ironically, the original of these services and Big Daddy Amin of them all- Food By Fone- looks like there’s no one home.

Food By Fone 1

Calling Food By Fone is painful as most of the operators are absolute crap while, more and more, it’s losing restaurants from their roster. Chilli Fagara, below,is the latest to leave the fold and the number of restaurants currently on their books reads like a tiny selection of appetizers.

Food By Fone 2

Food By Fone 3

Food By Fone 4

Meanwhile, careful about using the services of one of these home delivery companies: Don’t tip one of the delivery men- usually from the sub-continent- scribble a small message on your door that a right tight-wad twat leaves inside.

Food By Fone 5

Meanwhile, a very revealing “email of shame” about one of Hong Kong’s most high-profile celebrity chefs has been making the rounds.

Food By Fone 6

The email features private emails and legal letters from the past about the reasons for his sacking from a certain private club plus the various commissions he’s making from his “chef management company” and roster of investors who, for reasons unknown to me, wish to open new restaurants without “doing their maths”.

Food By Fone 7

Everything in the email seems very kosher and straddles that thin line between and corruption.

Food By Fone 8