Christina Aguilera has been or soon will be fired from “The Voice”.

What the hell has gone wrong with her career?

Reference: Gossip Cop

A few months earlier, Cheryl Cole was fired from “X Factor.”

A few days ago, Carol Bartz was fired as CEO of Yahoo – over the phone by the Chairman of the company.

She called the Chairman a “doofus and the Board of Directors of Yahoo far worse.

Now she’s in the crapper regarding her multi-million dollar payout.

Then, again, so is Yahoo.

News Corp CEO Rebekah Brooks “resigned” a few months ago.

James Murdoch was forced to “step down” from the media giant’s Board of Directors.

Oh, yes, the head of Scotland Yard also “resigned” or “stepped down” as News Corp was found guilty of phone hacking.

Even that old fox and Chairman of News Corp – Rupert Murdoch – was grilled and then hit by a pie.

Now, News Corp could be facing similar phone hacking charges in Australia.

And America.

Don’t they ever learn?


Reference: Bloomberg

Soon, Obama will be “fired.”

American has tired of him; the world has tired of him.

Him using “social media” has become tiring.

Remember how “hip” it all was a few years ago when he came outta nowhere?

Now, we ask, what “change”?

Chump change?

As is the norm in troubled times, a ballot has been started by someone to “vote in” a celebrity – Justin Timberlake – as “The President of the United States”.

Now, that’s original.

Ashton Kutcher must be pissed.

Reference: The Fab Life

Cathay Pacific fired a pilot and stewardess for doing the Funky Money in the, well, cockpit of one of their planes.

Firing has become the new black.

Meanwhile, HSBC has laid off aka FIRED thousands of staff.

Bank of America has laid aka FIRED 300,000.

Wall Street is bracing itself for more lay-offs.

Yes, a domino effect has begun and wheee! – all fall down.

Here’s the deal:

With all these firings and lay-offs, there are no new hires.

Not yet and maybe never.


Companies are broke and bereft of ideas for contingency plans.

And the few waiting in the wings?

Simply more of the same.

Cue Joni Mitchell and “The Circle Game.”



© Hans Ebert