Hong Kong, sleepless city with endless parties and booze, offers many different kinds of fun you couldn’t find anywhere else in the world. I can’t imagine my life here without alcohol (what has Hong Kong done to me?!). Though I always tend to drink either wine or Vodka lime soda no matter where I go, I like to get adventurous and experimental with my night out, trying something different with different crowd; and I’ll be introducing you 5 of the signature drinks that you can probably only find in Hong Kong.

5 Special Drinks in Hong Kong 1

The giant two-liter fishbowl drink at “The Salted Pig” is definitely for big drinkers out there, or for girls who like to #instagram everything they eat and drink, since it’s something to tell people about – oh my god, I’m enjoying my life so much by drinking this huge-bowl of alcohol in a pretty dress -. Made of dark and white rum, Bacardi 151, grenadine, and some fruits, it’s surprisingly tasty and refreshing, while many large-sized drinks tend to taste pretty awful. Share among your friends and family to make your night even more fun, but I promise I won’t judge you if you prefer to finish it on your own.

5 Special Drinks in Hong Kong 2

5 Special Drinks in Hong Kong 3

“Le Boudoir” on Wyndham street is one of the hidden gems in Hong Kong; it is always packed with people even though this place has no sign outside, but a tiny little door with deep and narrow staircase leading to the main area. This beautifully-ornamented lounge bar, with secret back porch has many different palate-pleasing cocktails and drinks, but the one I highly recommend to spice up your night out is Chilli Martini. The Martini itself is also decent, slightly sweet, bitter and sour, but make sure you rim your glass with chilli. Your lips will be burning as you sip your alcohol, and perhaps you’ll get little sweaty if you are not good with spiciness; it will heat up both your body and the mood. Oh my, my mouth is now watering.

5 Special Drinks in Hong Kong 4

Did the picture look a bit surreal to you? Well, it’s not a joke. Let me introduce to you, the TALLEST flaming Lamborghini in Hong Kong. Nobody really knows, or dares to ask what’s the alcohol content or percentage inside this dramatically flaming drink, but we only know that it’s a one way straight ticket to drunk hell.

At “Club 97”, in the middle of LKF, a bartender hits the metal ceiling real hard, much louder than that clapping sound at Sahara, until you finish sipping your flaming Lamborghini, probably to turn it into a ritual-like drinking where everyone inside the bar and on the street stares at you as if you are a superhero. If you want to get wasted quickly or get someone else wasted, go to Club 97 and watch the world burn.

5 Special Drinks in Hong Kong 5

5 Special Drinks in Hong Kong 6

Now let’s go back to something aesthetically pretty again – sometimes I have to remind myself that I’m not a dude -. “Honi Honi Tiki Cocktail Lounge”, the one and only Hawaiian themed bar in Hong Kong, serves each and every cocktail in colourful glasses, shaped into totem pole-like or animal figures to add up to the tropical ambience. With delicious drinks, live performance, great music, cute bar boys, and stylish yet cozy atmosphere, Honi Honi offers everything you could ask for.

I’m actually really hungover right now from epic last night, I feel pukey as I’m writing about alcohol, and looking at pictures of alcohol. Responsible drinking, guys, responsible drinking.

5 Special Drinks in Hong Kong 7

Geronimo, in the heart of LKF, is where I got wasted last night; and how the drinking works in this bar is just hilarious, since as long as you stay there, there’s no choice but to be keep drinking. As soon as I walked in and sat down by the window, this huge guy, probably manager, came forth and shouted, “Welcome to Geronimo! When you are here, you are bound to take shots with us and get drunk!”, while handing each of us a shot. There’s a drum in the middle at the bar and you can hit it and shout “GERONIMOOOO” to buy everyone in the bar shots, and to be on the wall of fame. For your information, my friend bought 4 rounds of 12 shots last night. I still don’t understand why would people buy drinks to strangers, but I guess it’s just Geronimo thing. Yet, the whole place is full of really fun and friendly crowd so check it out if you want to try something new, and if you see “Jerry” on the wall, just know that that’s my friend.

I’m going to go have a cup of tea now, as my friend told me that tea’s good for hangovers. Weather’s still depressing and life is boring, but weekend’s coming. Why don’t you go bar-hopping, trying all 5 drinks I mentioned in a night?

Stella Ko