We are the sleepless generation living in a fast-paced world; our endless lust desiring all of career, love, and fun makes us go all caffeine crazy and I’d have to pause for 5 minutes to think of a day when I had neither coffee nor energy drink.

Can you last a day without coffee 0

Hong Kong’s coffee scene, especially specialty coffee, has thus grown so far and so fast that it is no longer about mainstream branch like Starbucks and Pacific Coffee. Emerging coffee shops these days have marketable ambience, interior design,cool music and perhaps wifi, with well-trained baristas with character providing quality and signature coffee.


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Knockbox coffee company, a little corner shop in Mong Kok, is always full of people, those who actually know and love coffee, not some instant caramel latte that simply tastes like $5 caramel milk at Circle K. The owner picks up beans and other ingredients at both local and international farms and each cup of coffee is slowly and carefully brewed.

Can you last a day without coffee 3

If you really are a huge coffee fan, I highly recommend you to pay a visit since unlike other coffees made of mass-manufactured beans, Knockbox’s coffee has really deep, aromatic flavour that soothes your mind and body. But I wouldn’t personally go all the way to Mong Kok to grab it since the only reason I drink coffee is literally to stay awake.

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Cafe Bistro The Alchemist

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Travel brings love and power into one’s life. With delicate and captivating travel-themed decorations such as souvenirs,maps, flags, and books, The Alchemist invites not only coffee lovers, but also travellers, as well as foodie. I personally liked it’s All-Day-American-Breakfast more than the coffee here.

Can you last a day without coffee 6

It is a great place to hang out either out of genuine interest of travel, or to efficiently kill time playing with room-full of interesting objects.

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The Cupping Room

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The Cupping Room is an absolutely fantastic place for all the coffee enthusiasts out there. I was never a big fan of Espresso but different kinds of espresso at the cupping room – bitter, sweet, salty, sour, and more flavours in a cup – turned me into an Espresso fanatic.

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Because of it’s location in Sheung wan, which is my neighbourhood, I often go here before and after work, sipping a cup or two, and watching people passing by, and this place has become my personal heaven. It’s a shame that The Cupping Room closes way too early, at 5pm everyday.

The Coffee Academics

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The Coffee Academics is one of the most popular cafes in Hong Kong, with two different branches in Causeway Bay and Wanchai; it is one of my favorite chilling spots with no doubt as well.

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When I go out to eat or drink, what really matters to me is ambience and how the place is decorated even impacts how I enjoy my food and drinks. And for that reason, The Coffee Academics receive five gold stars from me. With mouth-watering bakery section, quality coffee and tea, and pretty inside and outside sitting area, I couldn’t find anything to get all psycho-judgemental again. *sigh*

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In fact, I think I’m going to head out now and spend the rest of my sunday chilling there since I’m so sick and tired of this depressing weather.

Another rough week is ahead of you, (excuse the negativity) and hope you enjoy sh*tload of delicious coffee and power through. Cheers.

Stella Ko