We’ve met Caspar Fownes more times than we’ve had cold showers, and one of the things that always, well, comes up, is him being labeled, “The King Of Happy Valley” when his track record is just as good in Shatin.

Still, one cannot argue with facts and, again, he has the “winningest” percentage on the city track so far this season where on Wednesday, the racing experts expect two of his runners- Victory General and Fun ‘N’ Games- to go close to winning.

The former has been a recent addition to the Fownes yard and has run a number of placings and just could make it to the winner’s circle on Wednesday.

But with Cas, in a funk ‘cos of being unable to score tickets to Bruno Mars concert in Hong Kong, who knows if the popular trainer will have spring in his step on Wednesday and a brinjal in his pants?

Oh, yes, info on any and all of the above- except about the Bruno Mars tickets- can be found by downloading the Racing Touch app onto your iPad from the Apple Store.

Jeez, how many more frikin times must we mention this app???