“Life is Short. Cut the crap and enjoy sex, in munificent ways.”

If you just clicked to read this, you are a pervert. I’m just kidding; we are all creatures of curiosity. Besides, I can judge nobody since I’m the one who’s writing about this topic.

Guy talk 101 5

Before we begin, I’m going to clarify that the following content is not a personal account since “I haven’t lived (aka I haven’t f*cked enough guys to share my story)” according to one intelligent, experienced man I know.

Few nights ago, I joined to hang out with interesting group of five guys – all from different age groups and background – and yes, again, I was the only female and you’ll know what I mean if you read my previous article – RAGING DATING APPS

Guy talk 101 1

It was one of the most memorable and funniest night I’ve ever spent with them, probably because all we talked about was women, sex, and likes and dislikes, asking each other questions like “who are the five celebrities you would never do?” and “what is your greatest turn-on?”. I was all ears all night and you should be as well, cus I’m gonna spill the beans on the guy talk on women. *cough*PG 13*cough*

Guy talk 101 2

1. Apparently, it’s not all about ass and boobs.

“No matter how hot she is, she immediately turns me off if she’s dumb,” said one guy with a small chin.

Guy talk 101 3

While many women think that guys are all animal-like, forever horny, and sex-driven, many guys debunked the myth by saying how transient and shallow one’s look is, and they would actually like to get to know that girl and have a nice intellectual conversation. But I don’t know, who cares whether Scarlett Johansson can act or not. Guys are drooling over her.


2. Girls with Boyfriend shirts

When some guys at the table were hailing those girls with baggy shirts, no pants, and ruffled hair in the morning, while they are getting a morning glory, I had a big sneaky smile on my face. Unlike natural figure, body and face, that women kind of have to born with, this boyfriend shirt trick in the morning is what they can do and thus do on purpose to turn the guy on. We know that we look damn cute and hot in your shirt.

Guy talk 101 6

3. Masturbation much?

Masturbation was a hot debate topic on the table that night, since the guys were divided into two groups: one that sees women masturbating in front of them is a sure turn-on, and the other that does not prefer to see women masturbating in front of them. They were specifically talking about masturbation before and in the middle of foreplay or sex. I’m not sharing my opinion here cus “I haven’t lived” enough yet, but is it really hot? REALLY? One and only futuristic guy I know even said something about women and how they should play with vegetables, but let’s keep it there – I tried to filter his story to share the details here but I don’t think I can. -, since I want to be able to eat cucumber and eggplant without visualising his account.

Guy talk 101 7

Guy talk 101 9

4. They actually hate skinny girls

We are the only ones who care about thigh gap, bikini bridge, and whatnot. They all want something to grab on and to look at. Not that our body image depends on how boys look at us, but it is something to think about, since many girls are very self-conscious and obsessed with having a model-like body.

Guy talk 101 8

Just so you know that these points above are not representative of most guys; for hours, we were talking about turn-ons, turn-offs, and some other kinky topics that I’ve never even heard of, and it was a whole new cultural and sexual experience. Yet, one thing they all agreed on was that one’s ought to enjoy one’s sex life as much as and as long as he/she can, since life is short. Appreciate sex for sex’s sake.

“Cut the crap, and enjoy sex in munificent ways. Don’t be afraid to or ashamed of being playful”, was the ultimate lesson of the night but I don’t know, as I feel like sex is overrated. Life IS short, but why does sex have to be one’s primary joy?

Stella Ko