5 reasons why you should go on a date to the races  1

1. You can dress up.

Obviously, you are out with that girl cus you like her. Whether you are 10/10 chippendales hottie who can pull off ANYTHING or not, she would absolutely love to see you in nice button down shirts and what not. (Hold on, well, if you are chippendales hot, then maybe not…?) Impress her. Also, she can dress up; girls just love dressing up. It’s a huge part of joy in their life. That’s why they have a collection of shoes, dresses, and jackets that they can even fit inside their wardrobes and many of them cannot even afford them. Once I bought this gorgeous designer dress that reveals the curve of my breast and lived on congee till my next payday but I still don’t regret buying it. The ambience at the race course involves music, fashion, and vigor and she would be more than happy to hang out with you looking pretty, instead of sitting across each other in a French restaurant and all she can do is eating pretty.

2. Show off your knowledge.

Betting is not a rocket science but I have to admit that girls usually make a bet based on name and color of the horse, or sometimes, on the jockey’s thigh. If you could teach her how the system works, and how to make a bet, and perhaps win some cash back – it doesn’t even have to be much -, you’ll definitely get extra credits and I, as a girl, have been quite impressed at the races since he was already cute and smart?!?!

5 reasons why you should go on a date to the races  2

3. It won’t be just you two

There will be a crowd of excited people, with laughter and music all around and you can invite bunch of your friends to hang out or meet new people. It doesn’t always have to be serious and classy; day/night out at the races can be casual, releasing the tension between you two, and you can also show how sociable you are?

5 reasons why you should go on a date to the races 3

4. It’s cheap.

None of you guys want to spend too much money and many girls these days hate it when guys spend way too much money on them on a date as if money is a one way ticket to get into her pants. Admission fee to the races in Happy Valley race course is only $10 and unless you bet a large sum of money, what would you spend on, drinks and some snacks perhaps? There’s no pressure on either of you.

5. Drinks, drinks, and drinks

Either it’s cocktail, beer, wine, or spirits, you’ll be drinking all night. Woooo FUN! I usually bring a bottle of wine to the races and finish it in the first few races. Then I get all tipsy and hyped up, drink more, talk more, and have more fun. Alcohol always create more intimacy among people and helps getting to know each other better, and alcohol with sports will arouse more enthusiasm; ain’t that the reason why people love Hong Kong 7s? But be careful here not to get too wasted.

Stella Ko