Okay, I’m going to tell you a story that is going to sound very familiar to ya’ll Hong Kongers.

Susie wakes up on Saturday morning, ready to puke at any moment, and slowly starts to recollect memories from last night. “What did drunk Susie do this time to embarrass herself?” Realizing that she was talking shit all night, drinking straight from the bottle of Grey Goose in front of her crush, Susie kicks her blanket high and thinks that her social life is over. Then she quickly takes a shower to remove gross scent of cigarette and alcohol, grabs her purse, phone, and jacket, and heads out to grab a boozy brunch to sober up.

FYI, I’m not talking about any specific person but adding more dramatic details for eye-catching intro.

I’m pretty sure you’ve realized how hard it is to grab a cab on weekend mornings and early afternoons to go to Central or Soho, where all the restaurants are concentrated in. People including myself never get sick of eggs benedict, burgers, and hash browns with Bloody Mary or Mimosa, especially when they are hungover; this leads to a Brunch War among restaurants but all I know for sure is whose got the better food and drinks.

Brunch War 1

(Eggs Benedict from “Peak Cafe & Bar”)

Peak Cafe & Bar has simple and neat quality food and drinks with decent price, still attracting a lot of people over the years; and oriental yet British Pub-like ambience is a plus. There’s nothing special about the brunch menu here though. But go ahead if you are down for noodles/pizza and whatnot. In fact, Brunch/All Day Breakfast Menu only has 3-4 items but if I had to mention something special about Peak Cafe’s eggs benny, I’ll say I liked the smokey flavor of hollandaise sauce since they slightly roasted the top.

Brunch War 2

(Eggs Benedict from “Libertine”)

One thing I’ve realized after food-blogging for a year is that if the food looks extremely gorgeous and mouth-watering, it is meant to be disappointing. It’s like how some guys, total eye candies, got small D. Oops. Libertine, located on the slope of Aberdeen street, has a range of find dining like food and drinks. But the eggs weren’t even properly poached and sauce was too thick and sweet. Everything on the menu is a lot more expensive than other venues. I ordered Classic Eggs Benedict with salmon on the side, which costed me around 150hkd including the service charge while the only service they offered me was to place the food on the table.

Brunch War 3

(Eggs Benedict from “Eat Right”)

By now, you must be thinking that I’m such a cynical b*tchy foodie that likes nobody and nothing but I actually am a lover (mostly of food); it’s just that when it comes to reviewing, my dark side comes out and gets all judgmental. Eggs Benedict from Eat Right was actually pretty good, meaning that I wouldn’t comment on it since it’s neither awesome/awful. Food, ambience, service, and drinks were all satisfying so you should definitely check out, as long as you don’t mind walking into a place called “Eat Right”. Yes, it’s actually called Eat Right.

Brunch War 4

(Two Eggs with Two Toppings and a toast from “The Brunch Club”)

I love Brunch Club so much that I am going to be a bit subjective here but bear with me

  1. The whole menu is for all-day-brunch/breakfast. You name it. Waffles? Pancakes? Mixed Grills? Salad? Croque monsieur? They’ve got all you want.
  2. You can basically make your own dish. Choosing the bread you want, kind of eggs, and other side dishes of variety, you can have a “perfect” meal.

  3. Full page list of drinks including shakes, coffee, smoothies, cocktails, wines, and more.

  4. Wifi. Brunch club is always filled with people like me with laptops, either working or writing and the great thing is that no staff cares whether they stay for hours or more, which makes this place more homey.

  5. Considering the generous amount of food and drinks here which all come in large plates and tall glasses, it is relatively cheap.

Weekend of course is not all about food and booze but it is not complete without food and booze. Having said that, I’m going to finish my second glass of Bloody Mary and head home to take a nap. Cheers.

Stella Ko