Will the Nile flow through Hong Kong 1

With Continuing Middle Eastern fever in Hong Kong, owners of Sahara Mezz Bar and Le Souk in Soho recently opened a new place down the street. “The Nile”, located on Hollywood road, took over the place where “The Wheel”, one of those pubs around, used to be, and is showing off its colorful new venue.

Will the Nile flow through Hong Kong 2

From the bright yellow sign, coral blue wall, red couches, ornamented lamps with stained glasses, and artworks of Egypt, we will definitely be able to tell that it’s Wakim Brothers’ and they really ARE Egyptians. Typical in a way that it’ll instantly remind you of either Sahara or Le Souk. Surprisingly though, the food is different from the other two venues.



Instead of meat-based huge party size dishes, The Nile offers lean and light small size dishes that resembles Tapas; different kinds of bean-based Egyptian dips are nowhere to be seen in Hong Kong.


With this Egyptian mezz platter that can obviously serve 4 people, we devoured 3 baskets of Pita bread, not only because of the amount of dips but also because they taste friggin good.


(Halloumi Cheese salad)


(Pan-fried Chicken breast in White wine)


(Egyptian Omelette)

We also tried some of the other gorgeous dishes, which also had quite a small portion size for my shark-sized belly, but somehow they were surprisingly and satisfyingly filling and I still wonder why. Maybe it’s that pita bread, or Champagne. If you are expecting quality food and drinks, Arabic and homey ambience, and friendly staffs, The Nile seem flawless but I could find nothing new.

I’ve known Wakim brothers for considerate amount of time and I trust their sense of taste and business but we will have to wait to see whether The Nile will also bring the crowd with it’s location right next to Ebeenezer’s.


Stella Ko