Adrenaline is one of the most popular venues at the Happy Valley Racecourse of the Hong Kong Jockey Club with its IBU inter-active tables which cater mainly to the new race-goer, the spectacular view of the races, the atmosphere and the ‘live’ music.

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Now come The Adrenaline Sessions, which feature the venue’s regular artists, visiting and guest artists and follow a similar strategy as MTV’s Unplugged series- but this time, an opportunity for new artists to showcase their music.

Created by music executive Hans Ebert who is also Advisor to the Club, the first of these sessions feature Welsh singer-songwriter Ben Semmens, the regular artist at both Adrenaline and, with his band, the Beer Garden.


Says Semmens, “We recorded and filmed this track which Hans wrote the English lyrics for in less than an hour and is dedicated to Chinese superstar Faye Wong.”

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Semmens adds that coming up will be originals written by him and Ebert plus guests and what he describes as “open mic sessions but without the karaoke.”

“Adrenaline is an amazing venue,” he adds, “and having these Sessions at this historic racecourse with its close-circuit TVs, a ready-made audience of well over ten thousand every Wednesday plus the excitement of horse racing is a showcase an artist like myself who has been gigging in small pubs in Cardiff has always dreamed about.

“Sometimes, I really can’t believe I’m here and all credit to Hans and the Club for pulling off something music companies have not been able to do.”