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The Vanity Fair article on Wendi Deng, the former wife of Rupert Murdoch, has certainly had tongues wagging the world over, but, especially, Hong Kong where the ambitious lady worked for STAR TV and set her sights on winning over the media magnate.

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The Vanity Fair piece is an eye popping one which paints Wendi Deng as a combination of bunny boiler, infatuated schoolgirl, power-hungry hussy and a Cruella Da Ville who, through her alleged treatment of her elderly ex-husband, proves that there’s no fool like an old fool.

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Her infatuation with former Prime Minister Tony Blair, whom she paints out to be some kinda Adonis, is positively goofy.

Wendi Deng and Tony Blair: it was God calling.

Where Vanity Fair has missed some golden opportunities to add far more color to their piece is the rise to power of Wendi Deng when she worked for former wunderkind Richard Li’s STARTV and many of those she is said to have stalked and dated before meeting Rupert Murdoch who was sold what many of us called “that wok in the sky” for almost eight times what it was worth.

Guess love made the old boy blind?

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