The Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC) and its media partner Fast Track have formed a new partnership with Universal Music to bring the world of entertainment to the race tracks and venues of the HKJC, the world’s most successful racing club and one of the most significant businesses and philanthropic organisations in Hong Kong.

The partnership brings horse racing, the HKJC and entertainment together in a new mix of venues and platforms for music.

The partnership started a few months ago when Universal Music released the download of “Giddy Up”, the theme song for the Club’s successful Happy Wednesday brand which caters mainly to the casual race-goer and the new generation of racing fans.



Written by Hans Ebert, Chairman and CEO of Fast Track and Advisor to the HKJC, and Welsh singer-songwriter Ben Semmens, “Giddy Up” was the first number one single from any racing club in the world having topped the Hong Kong iTunes Chart.

George Ash, President of Universal Music Asia Pacific, says: “We are very pleased to be working alongside the Hong Kong Jockey Club and Fast Track in this new partnership. We’ve known Hans since his days with Universal Music and he understands how the HKJC operates and how horse racing and music can work together with various sponsors to reach the next generation of racing fans.”

Says Ebert: “With venues like The Beer Garden, Adrenaline and the Happy Wednesday brand at Happy Valley Racecourse, we have already made inroads into bringing in the casual and new race-goer. These are still initial steps when one realizes what more we can do to create a holistic entertainment experience combining current and new sponsors with the ready-made platforms at the HKJC venues. With the clout of Universal Music and its fantastic artists we see some very exciting times ahead. Furthermore horse racing is being tipped to begin soon in China and with the HKJC being the only legal means of wagering on the Mainland this offers an added potential dimension to the partnership.”