It was a long and winding road for him and standing in the very long shadows of John and Paul could not have been easy, but since way back to Don’t Bother Me, there was always something about George Harrison that had a huge influence and impact on many lives.


Sure, there was Beatle George and Roll Over Beethoven and If You Needed Someone, While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Blue Jay Way, Here Comes The Sun, My Sweet Lord and Something, but, hidden amongst these was also All Things Must Pass, a simple song sung effortlessly and with a message one can carry throughout this life’s journey.


It was purely by chance- or it might have been for a reason still unknown to me- that at nearly 4am, I stumbled on this rare interview with George Harrison- an interview that lasts almost an hour and which features his last performance- more of a casual jam.

The music aside, what captivated me was what he had to say- life lessons and which could have been a conversation with any of us.

If John Lennon was a Working Class Hero, then George Harrison was and still is For Every Man with the ways in which he distills life with such clarity, accepts good and bad as one, and how key it is to find that middle ground and inner consciousness that leads to knowledge, happiness and living this life in the material world without being trapped by it all and remaining true to one’s self.

George Harrison was and still is an extraordinary man- a human being being human and, as his song says, letting life flow within you and without you.

This is an amazing interview. Watching and listening to it might even change the way you look at life today, tomorrow and how All Things Must Pass.