What if we were to boycott Facebook for just one day?

Perhaps two?

Would we be Heroes – just for one day? Or two?

Can you take the withdrawal symptoms of not being able to upload photos of what you ate last night, photos of your friends at some irrelevant get-together and babbling on about your daily routine?

Does anyone really give a toss about your new tattoo?

Here’s my problem: Giving away content for free, and not owning it once up on Facebook and, as content providers, not being paid for whatever it is you put up on your Facebook page.

Sure, some don’t give a toss: Their priorities are solely to keep in touch with mates around the world and which is cool.

For me, what doesn’t work is that unlike the old, innocent “slam books” of the past, Facebook simply gives us the “space” to re-create our egos the way we want people to perceive them.

Hell, seldom have I seen so many twats changing and re-arranging their profiles to make a connection with some random person they have seen on Facebook.

The world is full of losers and tossers, but what baffles me is that all Mark Zuckerberg has given the world is some empty space- and has played on the vanity of human beings.

Suddenly, it’s Okay to populate this empty space with content – photos, videos, words – all of which belongs to Facebook.

So, like MTV and those dumbass music companies who gave away content to the channel for free, the more we chop and change and upload content for free on Facebook, someone else profits.

Advertising space next to your page?

What do you get out of it?


Who is one of the major shareholders in Facebook?

Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-shing.

So, no matter how new the technology, it still needs “old money” to keep it afloat.

What does K S Li get outta all this?

A huge data base and, with it, pinpoint accuracy to target consumers for all his other businesses.

As an aside, what we still don’t understand is K S Li’s stake in Spotify.

So, again I ask you, what IF we boycotted Facebook for a day?

Or a week?

What will happen?

Facebook withdrawal symptoms?

Will all of us start communicating with real friends?

Why not try it and see what happens?

It could be bugger all, but, then again, we’re getting bugger all for all the work we’re doing for Facebook for free every day so that only a very few profit from our never ending steam of “contentiousness”.


© Hans Ebert