Joao Moreir

It’s quite extraordinary when one thinks that the Magic Man- Joao Moreira- has ridden in only 13 race meetings but had amassed an amazing 24 winners!

One can’t help but wonder what his tally would be today without the spate of suspensions for careless riding that has seen the brilliant Brazilian sidelined so often.

Of course, Moreira has not just ridden winners, he’s won the support of trainers and owners and has won the hearts of race-goers.

To the latter group, those suspensions are “proof” of his fierce competitiveness and relentless will to win- at all costs.

The last time, Moreira came out of a suspension he banged four winners into the net whereas when riding in Singapore and just before arriving in Hong Kong rode every winner in a eight race card!

How many winners will he ride today? We’re betting it won’t stop with one.