Mention the strangely-named 1010 Million Challenge, which many racing fans still don’t understand or don’t care about as they have no idea how they can get involved, and our thoughts race towards Mark Liversidge, the hunky former head of marketing for CSL 1010.

Suddenly gone from CSL 1010 was the always-self-promoting Big Mark who is now spreading his marketing genius with- how? Why?- Hilton Hotels.

Boy, Big Mark loved starting this challenging Challenge by ringing that 1010 bell. It scared many as it sounded like a fire alarm.

What IS this 1010 Million Challenge?

In very simple terms, it’s a competition that takes place over a certain period and designated races to find the equine king of the turf at Happy Valley through a points system.

How does the average racing fan benefit?

Gawd knows despite a tediously long explanation on some poster of what one can do to win something or another.

Anyway, this Challenge continues on Wednesday with the news that Golden Harvest, a galloper amongst the current leader board, clashes with Cape Canaveral, last season’s 1010 winner over some 1200 metre event.

Whatever wins, all we know is that we really miss the hunky charms of Big Mark Liversidge, kinda the L’il Abner of marketing.