Take Zac Purton out of the equation and there is no other jockey riding more successfully in Hong Kong right now than the very popular Olivier Doleuze.

Ollie’s confidence is at an all-time high- and it shows. His win aboard Tai Sing Yeh last Wednesday for the horse’s original trainer Manfred Man- and what a training effort- showed a jockey brimming with confidence.

On Wednesday night’s AWT meeting at Shatin, Ollie could add to his recent tally of Jockey Challenge wins.

His partnership with trainer Richard Gibson is paying off great dividends and the pair team up again with last-start winner Turin Pearl.

The jockey also has some very loyal owners who know Doleuze from his days riding in Macau and who have horses in Hong Kong with local trainers like Manfred Man and Michael Chang.

In fact, the jockey has a good strike rate with Chang and they team up again on Winning Apex.

Though Zac Purton has an extremely good book of rides and Joao Moreira will have his usual full book, leave Olivier Doleuze out of your calculations at your peril.

The flying Frenchman is flying- and so are the horses he’s on- and which he puts a great deal of work into before race day.