We sat in on a presentation by a Groupon Sales person recently.

She was trying to sell Groupon to a friend of ours.

Lovely girl, but completely lost.

Ask her the hard questions and she was baffled.

She batted her eyelids and smiled.

Like what?

Like what if we came up with, let’s say, Gurupon and undercut Groupon?

All we got was a slack jaw as a response.

The deal never went through.

Her sales colleague managed to screw it up.

Long story.

The problem with Groupon is that there is no business strategy.

It happened very quickly and for a very short time.

It is now a poxy irritant- a very cheap looking one and which makes good products look tacky every time it pops up.

It makes McDonald’s and KFC look downright classy.

And now their own Sales people are fed up and biting the very hand that feeds them.

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