(Source: Culture Stock Blog)

Ok so it’s Sunday but…

– …Arrive and order G&T.. good news- they have fever tree + Bombay J: bad news.. tonic warm… so guy tries to chill glass with one massive ice cube. Useless. Tastes like an alcoholic drink you have at a student house party – warm and when ice melts, will be watery.. Can’t drink it, so send it back [it reappears on bill at end – hk$90.00]

– Up to table… DESIGN is AMAZING………… Seated at table… Start to order…

o NO potatoes to go with steak? Two bizarre pasta dishes offered as “starch”!!!!!!!!

o Beans come with honey [sweet – horrible] so ask for them without the sweet stuff [see later]

o Order mains and glass of wine

o Glass of wine is the smallest I’ve ever seen

– Mains arrive…

o No sign of sides

o No offer of mustard / condiments etc

– “Do you have mustard” [it’s a steakhouse]

o “yes”

o Next thing, he arrives at table and dollops spoonful of mustard on wooden plate.

o “what’s that?”, Dijon….

o “I want English”

o Oh.. ok .. another dollop arrives in a few minutes

o Waiter next spotted across street having a cigarette outside 7:11

– Sides arrive eventually..

o Beans WITH honey

o Macaroni cheese as uneventful as it could be

– Steaks are AMAZING

– Waitress gives extra glass of wine to compensate for beans [she’s trying hard + lovely]

– Order desert

o Maple syrup tart – it wasn’t it was a lemon tart with maple crumbs on top. Ok but far from exciting.

– Get the bill

o G+T on there / beans on there

o They’re removed.. HK$1,800 with two glasses of wine

Food is probably amazing [when they’re got their ordering right]

Service was shocking.. don’t know who manages it but……………….

AMAZING venue, GREAT steak.. and with someone managing it that knows what they’re doing, it’ll become an institution.