It’s been a long day’s journey into the night with a few rays of sunshine, but the more women I meet, the more I know that the woman I need in my life, at this time and place, is someone who is either in music or knows her music.

Without this love and appreciation for music, it’s just another existence made up of a night out or another night at home having a polite dinner, watching cooking shows on BBC Lifestyle, getting a tired leg over, nodding off, repeating the ritual for the next few years and being miserable on the inside, putting on the “right” front, but singing The Tears Of The Clown inside and watching the wheels and years roll by.

Often, feeling sorry and taking in dead baggage while at other times, conforming to how society wants you to live, one takes three steps forward, ten steps back while thinking that, in time, someone might grow on you.

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That’s a cop-out, because unless it’s that first real love that lives inside of you forever, they very rarely “grow on you”. All you’re doing is living a lie and settling for companionship and making believe it’s love. Neediness plays some strange head games with emotions.

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But when I see a female who can really sing or play a musical instrument very well, it’s hugely intoxicating and can lead to love- and some lust- at first sight.

Only now, do I realize that this is how it’s been, at least for me, for a very long time.

Watching the video to Empire State Of Mind, sure, Jay-Z has his role to play on the track, but just how many waited for Alicia Keys to come on with that voice, that melody, that incredible talent and, well, that face?

It’s like the first time setting one’s eyes on Nelly Futardo at a music conference and watching her perform ‘live’.

Talent is extremely attractive- and working on a Remix for her, very inspiring.

Watching the innocent looking, green eyed Miss Corr onstage was a thing of pristine beauty and attraction- and, more importantly, inspiration. Manhood crushes are something else altogether when compared to schoolboy crushes.

Of course, Hong Kong is not exactly a Mecca to find this type of creature. Most of the singers are nothing more and nothing less than passing acquaintances, the gorgeous and interesting Faye Wong is an Untouchable whereas we hardly have any female instrumentalists other than the Smurfette and remarkable drummer Anna Fan.

The Philippines have or had an all-girl rock band called General Luna, but whether they’re still together is something I don’t know.

Even if they are, eh. They never moved me and it’s a very small pool of talent in this region with very limited “choices” and where average is promoted to the premier league and settling for this clingy need to be in love for the sake of having someone.

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There is nothing around to move you like a Jimmy Webb love song or the emotional truths of 10cc’s I’m Not In Love or Godley and Creme’s Cry. It’s settling for what’s available instead of having the balls to say, thanks, but, no thanks, and move on.

Now, after the end of a great marriage with that one true love, a few silly relationships and two years of my year of living dangerously and making up for lost time, there is still an absence of music in my life- the emotional quotient of music to share with someone else.

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Even among the male of the species, there is no one around to exchange musical ideas and who can walk down with you from Tin Pan Alley to the Brill Building to Abbey Road and “meet” Joni Mitchell and Rita Ora along the way.

Britain's Tin Pan Alley
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These people are not in this region simply because music is not a priority and not in one’s DNA- not even the professionals as they have gigs to play and no time to know what’s current and be relevant.

It’s all about copying before being inspired to create something original which remains a copy.

Being around these people for any length of time can be staggeringly depressing and deadly dull.

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Perhaps even in love, it’s come down to copying and conforming and only being honest with one’s self when the head hits the pillow.

When thinking about the relationships between Graham Nash and Joni Mitchell, James Taylor and Carly Simon, Cat Stevens and Carly Simon, John and Yoko, Jackson Browne and Nico etc, there is a need to be with like-minded people.

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Though these relationship might have been volatile and not lasted, they provided great inspiration that led to new places.

Hell, give me a year of a volatile relationship with a female artist instead of hearing Bono singing I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For running through your head and leaving you restless and unfulfilled.