Seriously now, why is there this need to join so many things online and live lives in virtual worlds?

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Once upon a yesterday, it stoked one’s ego and upped the ante on the social ladder to be welcomed in to a private club.

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Gawd knows how much my ex-wife wanted me to make a “good impression” when being interrogated by the social dictators, albeit in a phony friendly manner, before being allowed into the hallowed halls of the Ladies Recreation Club.

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We got in, apparently, for the sake of our daughter. Did I ever go there? Never. What for? To be part of Les Lemmings and listen about tennis lessons, “the locals” and domestic helpers?

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Today, well, today, these pretentious private clubs still remain where the naughty and haughty congregate, but there is also this enormous need to be accepted- to belong- to be “seen and heard” by strangers in online gathering places where “profiles” are constantly updated and people are “friended” by strangers.

It’s the Facebook “give me Face” Second Life world where anybody can be somebody, somebody can be anybody and no one really knows anyone- not really.

Instead of having a beer around a bar, looking someone in the eye and deciding what’s the truth and what is bollocks, we reach for an app and imagine we’re contributing to society by being part of this online world.

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Look, there’s a time and place for this “online world” but there’s also an awful lot of bullshit that goes with it.

Meet a lady whom you’re attracted to and she wants to get in touch with you on Facebook? Oh, come on, baby, I have a fucking phone number.

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It’s probably why I closed my Facebook page years ago though, as we know, you can check out anytime you want, but you can never leave and my “profile” is somewhere there floating around with pokes and hugs awaiting me. I do enough poking on terra firma.

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I don’t know, but perhaps all this online, long-distance, arm’s length way of communicating is why music has lost its soul and no one sings like Percy Sledge did on When A Man Loves A Woman or Sam Cooke saw that A Change Is Gonna Come. In their place we have Gagas and Biebs and the auto-tuners.

The days of four guys practicing in a garage together, making mistakes together, making those mistakes right, arguing, agreeing, smiling when they know that the words and music work have all but gone.

Nothing wrong with Garage Band and other apps, but, in many ways, this is musical isolation.

There is no give and take and “sound” becomes more important than substance.

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In many ways, making music like this is like joining some faceless online club where there’s everybody and nobody. It’s being Rocket Man and damn lonely out there.

But we have now learnt to live our lives like this where less and less we meet each other in person and really talk.

Instead we communicate via lols, lmao and a new language that has probably dumbed down the art of being a wordsmith writing music that are stories from the heart and based on real life experiences.

Call me old-fashioned, but, there are those days when progress and “convenience” and “communicating” via Facebook etc is something very remote and made up of many Eleanor Rigbys and her very lonely children.

The other problem with this is that we never know how they’re growing up, what’s going through their minds and what the end results might be.