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Things were going pretty well on Sunday with winners from Third Dividend and The Fast Tracker until the war gods rained on our parade for a short blast- but long enough to ruin many Six Ups and Triple Trio bets. C’est la vie and merde!

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Tonight- an early start at 6.45pm for the last day of this racing season- sees a new Champion Trainer crowned along with the naming of, er, The Most Promising Horse which will have all the interest of selling Coppertone to Africa as far as the masses at The Beer Garden are concerned- party people getting to understand racing by taking baby steps while out to have the best time Hongkongers can have for so little money- an entry fee of ten bucks.

Why The Most Promising Horse Award? Who knows? Why “The Champion Awards” on Sunday and filmed with all the imagination of The Eurovision Yawn Awards.

The HKJC does many things well- very well. This wasn’t one of them and we’re not the only ones who think so.

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As for tonight, there are races to be run and won, a good time to be had, the Ben Semmens Band at Adrenaline and a chance to again see Singapore’s Joao Moreira in action and pinch hitting for the shortage of jockeys.

Surely, the day when this champion jockey will be riding here on a full-time basis is around the corner? We hope so. The man is even more freakish when it comes to riding winners than Dougie Whyte. Maybe.

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Anyway, the great thing about a Happy Wednesday is that you never know what to expect, whom you might meet and what you might win.

So, make this last fling for the last day of the racing season, a D-Day Super one- that’s a tip- and let The Good Times Roll- another tip.

tips for 10 july 5
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R1- 2-5-3-8
R2- 1-11-2-8
R3- 6-7-1-8
R5- 2-6-8-11
R6- 2-1-4-11
R8- 9-7-4-10
R9- 5-7-12-2


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Race 7, No. 9 Good Words

Will box seat just off the fast pace and be flying home. Whyte was successful in partnering this earlier in the season and has a tremendous strike rate when riding light. Expect Cruz missiles to be on target tonight with the Trainer premiership hanging in the balance.


Race 9, No. 1 Circuit Star

Has won twice at the course/distance this season and in a race where there are question marks surrounding many runners, should be right in this.


Race 6, No. 6 Ensemble

Forgive last run as he was severely checked in the straight. His win over Prolific Champion three starts back when covering ground the entire trip was full of merit and suggests he can climb higher in the ratings.




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It was a question of close but no cigar for our entourage who saw five of their six picks win but the other bite the dust when the rains came and even baffled the horses.

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With Sarika also working at Adrenaline tonight as a Racing Specialist and trying to help newbies win, she’s taken control of this last Six Up for the season. Don’t follow her at your peril!

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R4: 2-5-10
R5: 2
R6: 2
R7: 1-2-3-6-8-11
R8: 4-7-9-10
R9: 5-6


Funny Horse 4

Tonights Selections 19.6.13 (From @Third Dividend)


Wed, 10th Jul 13

#HValley Night Races @HKJC_Racing

Turf (“B” Course-Worked Back)

Weather: Mainly cloudy with showers and a few thunderstorms. Light to moderate southerly winds.


Race 1: Winsome (2) Shanghai Pioneer (5) Empire City (1) Fortune Territory (4)

Race 2: Good Times Roll (1) Lucky Chevalier (4) Able Dragon (10) Nicku (2)

Race 3: Flame Hero (6) Good Hong Kong (2) Jade Christy (5) Loads Of Joy (3)

Race 4: Bullish Boy (2) Ray’s Favourite (12) Really The Best (10) King Haradasun (4)

Race 5: Great Alexander (6) D Day Super (2) Joy Together (8) Super Goal Elite (11)

Race 6 (Q1): Bobo Dragon (2) Genuine Leader (7) Prolific Champion (8) Smart Man (4)

Race 7 (Q2): New Deerfield (11) Bullish Friend (5) Windicator Star (3) Imperial Rome (4)

Race 8 (Q3): Dr Good Habit (7) Mr Medici (4) Vital Gold (9) Distill (12)

Race 9 (Q4): Red Dancer (6) Flying Elite (12) Royal Partner (5) Griffindor (7)

Best Bet

Race 1: Winsome (2)

Next Best

Race 6: Bobo Dragon (2)

Value Bet

Race 7: New Deerfield (11)

Long Shot

Race 6: Genuine Leader (7)

Quaddie ($100 gets you 39%)

Six Up









The good Captain will be on land tonight and looking to thrust his mighty sword towards any good looking wenches at the Beer Garden.

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During lunch with him today when he sucked the juice out of chicken feet and spat then out on the table while picking his teeth, he told us that he will win over someone WINSOME (RACE 1,2) and how the GOOD TIMES WILL ROLL (RACE 2,1) and that it promises to be a D-DAY SUPER (Race 5,2) and to follow “that Caspar The Friendly Blachan” who might be dancing again.

And a word of caution from him: Beware of Races 4 and 7 and that the Doctor might not make a house call tonight.

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And now, the end is near…Regrets, I’ve had a few…and not in a shy way…

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Yes, what a season it’s been with the dueling rides of The Durban Demon and The Zac Attack, the DD winning his thirteenth consecutive Jockey Premiership, riding a hundred winners including six winners one day plus a record turnover which means the government getting an early Christmas present- again- from the HKJC for doing bugger all- it’s kinda like Robin Hood- in reverse.

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As for tonight, it seems a tad anti-climactic- almost an after-thought to keep the “frenzy” of the Trainers Championship alive along with all the all the excitement of naming The Most Promising Horse of The Year. Huh?
It’s enough to make us go crazy and party like it was 1999 with Kool And The Gang.–gdzgpfw

As for the card, it’s a bit of this and a bit of that as Tony Cruz tries his damnedest to pip Dennis Yip at the post- and though good mates with Cruzy, like a few jockeys, I would love to see Yippiekaiyay win.

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He’s worked bloody hard to improve himself, he’s studied HOW to improve himself, he’s rallied his team around him, used his jockeys wisely, won with horses once with John Size and David Hall, and has been humble throughout this innings and deserves to win. Plus he has his own brand of jeans.


Those who might fob him off are those who can’t and refuse to understand that a real local- unlike Caspar Fownes and Tony Cruz- can win this title and actually beat the white men. There, I’ve said it.

In a way, it’s like a South African beating an Aussie. Some just cannot stomach it.

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And so as the curtain falls on another racing season, we can predict a competitive and combative jockeys championship between Dougie Whyte and Zac Purton after an end of season war of words and throwing down of gauntlets which not even Don King could have predicted.

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There will also be new riders mixed into the fray along with the usual whinging to the media.

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Funny in an ironic way is this: Jockeys and trainers are warned about what they tweet and write on Facebook, but anyone can go running to the media with half-cocked stories. Make any sense?

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