She first came to our attention in “The O.C”. Remember that? Wasn’t one of the lead male studs actually gay? Not that it matters.

We cannot remember Rachel Bilson from the results of too many acid flashbacks, but  as a result of the success of The O.C., Bilson has become well known among teenage audiences.

At the 2005 Teen Choice Awards, Bilson collected three awards: “Choice Hottie Female”, “Choice TV Actress (Drama)” and “Best Onscreen TV Chemistry” (jointly won with Adam Brody).

In 2005, Maxim magazine named her sixth in their annual “Hot 100 List”; in 2006, the publication awarded her #14.

The UK edition of FHM Magazine named her 28th in the 2006 100 Sexiest Women in the World list,while the US Edition Ranked her 77th in 2005 Bilson was also named one of People magazine’s “100 Most Beautiful People” in 2006.

She was ranked #71 in TC Chandler’s “Most Beautiful Faces 2008” list.

Bored? We are? This is what info from Wiki can do to you. But, let’s plod ahead…

Bilson’s first film role was in The Last Kiss, a romantic comedy-drama also starring Zach Braff.

In the film, which opened in 2006, she plays a college student who seduces Braff’s character.

It was reported that she called for a body double during the sex scenes because she was uncomfortable being nude in front of the camera.

She does appear in the scene for the final film, wearing a flesh-colored bra.

“I was terrified!” she admitted. “But Zach really helped me through it, and we’re friends, so he made it very comfortable, and Tony made it very comfortable, and it was actually a really nice setting. And I’m happy I did it, because I can say I did my first sex scene, and I never have to do that again!”

One review of the film noted that Bilson played the role with “surprising depth”, although another critic described her role as “Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction as an airhead valley girl with a hot bod”.

Screw all that.

We just love this clip of Rachel Bilson who seems to understand that humour goes a long way.

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And we applaud that.