The Royal Ascot is not only about the horse racing. Over on the fashion end, race-goers like to treat this event as a catwalk, to show off their special outfits.

The headgear are usually the main focus of the 5 day event, from the beautiful to the hilarious designs, it’s all there.

This year, the ladies have definitely put plenty of effort into finishing their outfits with a fancy hat.

So, we’ve put together a list of our top 5 statement making hats, which we love/hate.


Summer Colours

1. Summer Colours

We love this hat on Katherine Jenkins by Phillip Treacy. Neon is bang on trend right now, it’s great for the summer. The shape and the construction of this hat fits her perfectly.


Red and Edgy

2. Red and Edgy

Next up, we have Victoria Pendleton’s gorgeous red hat. We love it because it’s romantic and slightly edgy.


Oversized and Confused

3. Oversized and Confused

Maybe, this race-goer took things a little too far. We don’t know what to make of this, it’s way oversized and most importantly, what is going on?


Royal Ascot

4. The Power of the Flower Bush

This lady was certainly very brave to wear this major headpiece. We just don’t think the flower bush quite worked.


Royal Ascot - Day 1

5. The Large Rose

This is definitely a statement piece, quite possibly too oversized.

(Source: Metro)